Dungeons & Dragons: Weapons & Armor

Dungeons & Dragons: Weapons & Armor Hello my friends! Today I am back with another guide for all you new players out there. This guide will be about the weapons & armor in Dungeons and Dragons. I wanted to take some time to talk about weapons & armor as they play such a vital role […]

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Video Game Review: War Tech Fighters (WTF)

Review: War Tech Fighters Ever since the release of Pacific Rim I have had this dream of piloting my own massive mech and destroying whatever comes my way. Now War Tech Fighters is here to satisfy that want in every way. Hello All! FreundOrFoe here with my last game review and today I will be […]

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Nova Legends: Dev Log #1

Nova Legends: Dev Log #1 “Nova Legends, what the heck is that!” If that is your first reaction, well then you should follow us more closely on social media! But for those who don’t know, Nova Legends is a scifi tabletop RPG that the Goblin Gazette crew is currently working on. We actually had quite […]

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Snake Pass

Hey Folks! Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here to talk about a game I’ve been addicted to this week. Snake Pass Game Club Before I get started talking about Snake Pass I wanted to mention something I am starting up. Game Club will be like a book club/except instead of reading you’re playing video games. This month […]

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SinisterlyCrafty: Dice Bag Giveaway

SinisterlyCrafty: Dice Bag Giveaway Hello my friends and welcome back! Karthas here with some more Dungeons & Dragons goodness! I wanted to take a break from the guides to talk about a custom hand-made dice bag that was sent to us from SinisterlyCrafty! Did I mention we will be giving it away? And in case […]

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