Interview: The Mortal Path

Interview: The Mortal Path Hello everyone! Today we have an exciting topic to cover…our very first interview! Today we will be talking with The Mortal Path Podcast members! This is something we’ve been wanting to do as it gives The Goblin Gazette team another opportunity to connect with content creators or game developers. The Mortal […]

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Dungeons & Dragons: Skills Overview

Dungeons & Dragons: Skills Overview Welcome back my friends! Karthas here with another Dungeons & Dragons guide for new players! Last week we reviewed the different abilities, today we will look at each of the skills! Currently 5th Edition has 18 skills to choose from. These can range from your knowledge of magical items or […]

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Game Review: Hibernation

Game Review: Hibernation Have you ever wanted to be a bear? Have you ever wondered what a bear has to go through in order to prepare for hibernation? Or how bears compete with each other in order to survive? Well, this game scientifically won’t tell you about any of that, but it is a fun […]

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Dungeons & Dragons: Abilities Overview

Dungeons & Dragons: Abilities Overview Greetings my friends! Karthas here, and today I have a new guide for all my new players. So far we’ve talked about classes, races, and alignments. Today we will talk about abilities! In 5th Edition there are six abilities and they play a big part in how you do things […]

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Ghostory Game Review

Ghostory Review Over the last couple of months, one of my roles at The Goblin Gazette has been to review many of the platformers in our backlog of games. I enjoy reviewing platformers as there are so many of them. Each one requires a competitive advantage, something that sets it apart from the rest of […]

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