About us

About Us

So you want to learn more about us? Well, The Goblin Gazette currently consists of Karthas, Donoran, and KingBlunkers, and we have a passion for all things nerd. From video games to Dungeons & Dragons, chances are we have played it, read it, or watched it. We wanted to create a place for others like us to come and enjoy these things just like we do. Here at The Goblin Gazette you will find all sorts of things that may interest you. So on behalf of The Goblin Gazette, we hope you enjoy yourself and thank you so much for visiting! Below you will find some more information on the people who make The Goblin Gazette happen. And if you are interested in reaching out to use find out how to contact us.



Hey guys! Karthas here. I little bit of information about me. I grew up loving fantasy, whether it was in a book or on the screen I ate it up. As I got older I was lucky enough to find a group of friends who had the same interests as I did. We had many a late night staying up playing games, watching moves, or just being kids. Now I’m a 20 something, married, and have a small kiddo! I still enjoy these things even as I learn to adult, and you better believe I am going to teach my kids about it! I’ve told my wife we will be having family Dungeons & Dragons games…its going to happen!

As for what I do here at The Goblin Gazette, I run a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. I set up the site, maintain it, as well as setting up all of our social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook page, Discord, etc). I do most of the marketing on Twitter, Reddit, and else where. So if you have connected with us there, chances are you talked to me. Finally I reach out to game companies to see if they’d be interested in us reviewing their games. Basically I wear many hats!



Donoran here! Tamer of beasts and hunter of dragons. A sci-fi and fantasy lover, from books to movies! I’m passionate about all games, from board to video! My first video game console I ever had was the N64, and I haven’t gone back since. Nothing makes me happier then sitting down with old friends (or new!) and playing Xbox or trying out a new board game! I also spend quite a bit of my free time watching movies, TV shows, and reading. I’m excited to start this new adventure with Karthas and KingBlunkers as we share our interests and passion with you guys! So come along, join us on our adventure.



Hi guys! KINGBLUNKERS at your service! I’ve gamed my whole life! And my favorite thing is to share fun ideas with new people. You show me games, music, anything that you like… and I’ll share some with you. Catch me streaming on Twitch with League of Legends, Overwatch, and much more! Also will review some games, not necessarily newest or the best, but games I think you should try… just to gain new experiences. I want a collaborative environment, come game with me or party up with other viewers to share tunes, games, and time with one another. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take some friends with you.