Author: David Chopin

Lotia Game Review

Lotia Review When I was asked to review Lotia for The Goblin Gazette, I was very excited! I’ve not had the opportunity to reviewed a lengthy RPG yet. After logging about a dozen hours of gameplay of Crayon Ponyfish’s Lotia, I can say that this was an enjoyable RPG to review. Designed with the help […]

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CrazyDreamz: MagiCats Edition Review

Introduction As one of the oldest genres in the world of video games, it usually takes quite a lot for a platformer to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. The platformer sphere can often seem an overcrowded place as many indie developers create games that are no different than their counterparts. Platformers […]

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Solaroids: Prologue Review

Solaroids: Prologue Review Often times, it is the simplest of ideas that can leave the biggest impact on individuals. This idea is especially true of gamers. Whether it be simple ports to a newer system. Or taking an older concept and repackaging it in a way that plays more to the original concept’s strengths. There […]

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PUSS! Video Game Review

PUSS! Video Game Review It’s not uncommon for gamers to stumble upon games that emphasize aesthetics as much or even more than gameplay itself. As much a visual experience as a challenging and bewildering one, PUSS! falls into this art game genre. Developed by teamCOIL, PUSS! is a game slated to release sometime later this […]

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