Author: Scott Sanazaro

Dungeons & Dragons: Skills Overview

Dungeons & Dragons: Skills Overview Welcome back my friends! Karthas here with another Dungeons & Dragons guide for new players! Last week we reviewed the different abilities, today we will look at each of the skills! Currently 5th Edition has 18 skills to choose from. These can range from your knowledge of magical items or […]

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Dungeons & Dragons: Abilities Overview

Dungeons & Dragons: Abilities Overview Greetings my friends! Karthas here, and today I have a new guide for all my new players. So far we’ve talked about classes, races, and alignments. Today we will talk about abilities! In 5th Edition there are six abilities and they play a big part in how you do things […]

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Axe N Shield 3D Combat Risers Review

Axe N Shield 3D Combat Risers Review Hello again everyone! Karthas here and I am back with some more D&D goodness. Recently we had the opportunity to review a D&D encounter supplement. Today we will be taking a look at some 3D Combat Risers that were sent to us from Axe N Shield! If you […]

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Encounters in the Savage Cities Review

Encounters in the Savage Cities Review Greetings my friends! It’s been a bit since I reviewed something. My past few posts were regarding our dice giveaways (if you missed, stay tuned we will have more!), and before that I was working on some D&D guides. But I’m back with more D&D goodness. Today, I will be […]

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Kraken Dice Giveaway

Kraken Dice Giveaway Greetings and welcome back! I hope you are having a great Goblin Jubilee, I know we are! For those who may not know, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary! In honor of this occasion we have been giving away some awesome stuff to thank all of our readers, supporters, and subscribers. To […]

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