BaRPiG Party Game Review

BaRPiG Board Game Review

Greetings all you wonderful people! Karthas here and today we are going to talk about a very fun game we found on Kickstarter, BaRPiG. If you are looking for a game that combines the fun of Quelf and strategy of Munchkin, then you have to check this game out! Be sure to stop by their Kickstarter and if the game sounds fun, support them!

The Setting

Imagine a world where everybody is a pig, but they still retain their coolness, because let’s be honest, pigs aren’t that cool. Well BaRPiG takes place in this world, in a tavern where all the pig people decide to play a drinking game. But these aren’t just your normal everyday pig people, oh no, these are pig people heroes! From the mystical Brewid to the mighty Palealedin these pig people are here to overcome their greatest challenge, each other!

Set Up

Setting up the game is actually pretty simple. All you need is a table to set the cards on and some friends! There are 4 different cards that you will need to keep track of while you play:

Level Card: this card serves 2 functions. It keeps track of your level and keeps track of your sober points, aka, how drunk your character is.

Bar Tab Card: Your Bar Tab Card keeps track of how many drinks you have remaining. In BaRPiG your drinks are your currency. You use these to buy item cards and you lose them if you fail a challenge.

Character Card: the character card gives you your character power. This power is what other players will have to do should you win the round

Item Cards: these cards allow you to protect yourself or harass your enemies

To start the game everyone gets one of each card, but the character and item cards are random. You then will lay down the Level Card first, then you will lay the Bar Tab Card on top of the Level Card (at level one), and finally you will lay your Character Card on top of your Bar Tab Card(at 10). It is a clever way to track your progress and resources.

BaRPiG setup
What your set up should look like at the beginning of the game

Game Structure

The game is split into 2 rounds: Challenge Round & Market Round.

Challenge Round

During the Challenge Round everyone will roll their dice (D6). Whoever has the highest number wins the round. If there is a tie, the players who tied roll again until there is one winner. When a player wins a Challenge Round they go up one level (by sliding down their cards on the level card). They will then read their character power out loud. While some of these abilities are pretty straight forward others are a bit more ambiguous, so you have to be creative! Regardless of the challenge there will always be a loser or losers. So whoever loses the challenge will lose a sobriety point, and some drinks. Then you move to the Market Round.

Market Round

During the Market Round the players can choose to either buy an item or replenish their drinks. Both actions require the player to draw a card from the item deck. If they are buying they take the item they drew and pay it’s cost in drinks. If they are replenishing, they regain drinks equal to the cost of the item card they drew, then place it in the discard pile. But you need to clearly state whether you are buying or replenishing before you draw your card! Once everyone has completed the Market Round you go back to the Challenge Round

BaRPiG item cards
I love the Item Cards, they are so funny!

Playing The Game

The game really grew on me. At first I was a little skeptical as the game seemed just like Munchkin to me. Personally I think Munchkin is a fun game, but it can get intense and it is not the best party game. I was concerned that BaRPiG would be similar. But as we began playing through the rounds I found myself having a good time. The rules seem like a lot at first, but they are pretty straight forward once you go through a few rounds. Before long we were strategizing, planning, and most importantly laughing.

BaRPiG midgame
How your setup may look midgame

Some of the character powers are quite fun to use like the Pourseror which requires all other players to act like an animal of your choosing, or the Whisking which requires 2 players to dance. While others we began to dread like the Rumrauder which requires players to try to slap each others hands! The Item Cards add a lot of strategy and fun to the game. Some cards allow you to deflect any drink and sober points you would lose to another player, or they allow you to steal a card as soon as it is played.

Winning BaRPiG

A player wins the game when they reach level 5. But this is easier said than done because if you lose 4 sobriety points you become blackout drunk which means you lose all of your Item Cards, pick a new Character Card, and restart at level 1. Players can actually team up on other players to keep them from winning by using their Item Cards or even by singling them out with the character power.

Final Thoughts On BaRPiG

BaRPiG exceeded my expectations. The game is easy for new players to pick up, and is quite portable. It has a good balance of fun and strategy that will give both types of players just enough so that they will want to play again. I love the humor in the game, it takes fantasy cliches and makes them childish puns. And finally it gets everyone out of their comfort zone by making them dance or act like animals. Overall we had a lot of fun, BaRPiG will certainly be making an appearance at our next game night!

Well I think that is it for today, if you are interested in more information on BaRPiG check out their Kickstarter which I linked at the top. If you’ve played BaRPiG let us know your favorite Character Power in the comments below! And if you are looking for some other great games check out all of our reviews!

Scott “Karthas” Sanazaro

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