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Destiny 2: Why you should give it a chance

Greetings everyone! Karthas here and this week was a very exciting week for Guardians all around the globe! The gameplay reveal for Destiny 2 has finally arrived. For some this reveal was joyous occasion as Bungie revealed the next chapter in our Guardian’s story. For others it only fueled their dislike for the Destiny franchise. While […]

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Destiny 2 Reveal

Hello all! Karthas here to talk about the Destiny 2 reveal. So let’s get to it! The Classes First of all the gameplay looks awesome! We are getting 3 new subclasses! Dawnblade – summons a flaming sword and hurls flaming death upon your enemies Sentinel – Summons a void shield and straight up channels Captain America Arcstrider […]

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Destiny Lore: The Warlocks

Greetings and welcome back to The Goblin Gazette! Today we will continue our series on the classes in Destiny, and talk about the Warlocks. Personally I find that the Warlocks are one of the more interesting classes in Destiny. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the lore. The Warlocks Seekers of knowledge and ancient […]

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Destiny Lore: Valus Ta’aruc

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all are having a great day. Karthas here, and aside from eating lots of turkey and stuffing, today we will be talking about the one, the only Valus Ta’aruc! Or as he is affectionately referred to over on the destinythegame subreddit, Rockets McDickface. So sit back, relax and enjoy the […]

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Destiny Lore: The Undying Mind

Hello and welcome to The Goblin Gazette! Today we will be talking about one of my favorite strikes in Destiny, The Undying Mind. You may be wondering, why exactly do we need to stop the Undying Mind? What is the big deal? Well I hope to answer those questions today, so please sit back relax and […]

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