Deep Ones Game Review

Deep Ones Game Review

Deep Ones is a retro-style platformer, where you play as The Diver. The Diver is trying to find his submarine, which has been taken by the Big Red Octopus. As The Diver, you must fight your way through the scary, yet visually appealing, ocean depths to get back your submarine. You will fight many enemies, endure obstacles, and encounter strange and wonderful scenery. I will admit, I’m not the best at platformers. But Deep Ones was actually quite enjoyable. Let’s dive deeper into this game; here is my review of Deep Ones.

Premise of Deep Ones

Deep Ones
Giddy up, Seahorse!

As stated above, Deep Ones has a very old school arcade feel to it. You (The Diver) have lost your ship to the evil Big Red Octopus. You must venture through the dark, mysterious ocean depths to get back your noble water steed. Along the way, you will encounter many different obstacles. Most of these obstacles require timed jumps and movement, solid hand-eye coordination, and the ability to jump from one platform to another. I have no skill when it comes to any of these things, so this game was actually quite difficult for me.

From being chased by a giant great white while riding a sea horse, to fighting zombie pirates and taking over a pirate ship, everyone and everything under the ocean depths will try to stop you from completing your mission.


I was a bit hesitant as I sat down to play, fully expecting myself to not make it past the 1st level! But I powered through and gave it my all, and it was delightful! Seriously, it was an incredible challenge for me but I had a really great time playing this game.

Deep Ones
Sharks and pirates and everything under the ocean depths wants you dead!

The Mechanics

The mechanics and controls of the game are simple. You jump, you move, and you attack. That’s it. Nothing fancy. I used a wired Xbox controller to play on my laptop. You use the D-pad to move around, the A-button to jump, and the X-button to shoot or swing your sword. Most of the obstacles that you encounter in game are jumping platforms, dodging sea creatures and bullets, and timing actions. For example, there is one part where there is a long tunnel with several starfish looking creatures bouncing around. You must move forward with caution and try to dodge each of the bouncing starfish.

The Style

The game itself looks great and simple. The colors and glowing affect of the coral and sea animals against the black abyss is really fun to look at and quite enjoyable. I was reminded of the toy Lite Brite from when I was a kid (a black canvas where you would put colored pegs into holes and turn it on and it would light up your picture; man, I miss the 90’s). And the synthesizer music is very catchy and intense at times, especially during boss fights and sea horse races.

What I Liked

So, the fact that I was able to play this game and actually be good at it (but still be challenged) is a testimony for this game. It was easy to learn the controls and to be able to jump right in and play it.

Deep Ones
Colorful retro-style platformer!

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a challenge. But repetition is not something that I find enjoyable. I say this because often times platformers can present this challenge to players. Forcing them to try and overcome a very difficult obstacle or boss in which they will fail multiple times. But with Deep Ones, I felt like it was a good balance. I felt like I could eventually beat a boss or overcome an obstacle. Nothing is too difficult, victory always felt within reach.

The music and visuals were very pleasing to the ears and eyes but also simple. The retro feel of the game really works and is quite pretty.

I really had a fun time playing this game, which is saying a lot coming from me. I really tried to get better at this game, so I could give it an honest review. Not only did I become better at this platformer but I loved playing it! It was challenging, it was fun, and I really loved the style!

What Can be Improved

From time to time, I did notice a delay with the game and the controller. It didn’t always pick up when I was pressing the button to jump or move, etc. This could be frustrating at times, depending on what I was doing at the time. In one instance, I had almost beat a zombie pirate boss, but got killed.

The other was lack of guidance. There are a few parts in the game where you are not sure where to go or what to do. For example, there were a few times where I had to jump into a dark hole, but I’d eventually land somewhere safe and sound. Then there were other times where I’d jump into a dark hole and die. There was no way to tell at times if you should jump into this dark hole or not. I am not sure if that was the whole point, like just jump and find out. Or if there really is some guidance missing.

Final Thoughts on Deep Ones

Overall, I loved this game! Deep Ones is a great retro arcade platformer that, if you are into that kind of game, everyone should play! And even if you aren’t into platformers or that old school look, you should still check it out on Steam, because it’s a super cheap game and a lot of fun! There is definitely something addicting about this game.

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Peace and love, nerds! Happy Thanksgiving!

Matt “Donoran” Fuhrmann

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