Destiny 2 Reveal

Hello all! Karthas here to talk about the Destiny 2 reveal. So let’s get to it!

The Classes

First of all the gameplay looks awesome! We are getting 3 new subclasses!

Dawnblade – summons a flaming sword and hurls flaming death upon your enemies

Sentinel – Summons a void shield and straight up channels Captain America

Arcstrider – Summons an arc spear and flips and moves through its enemies with style and grace

In addition to these subclasses it looks like there may be some other subclasses joining the fight. I noticed what looked like some frost based powers with a Titan summoning a frost wall as cover.

The weapon system has been redesigned. Instead of the Primary, Secondary, and Heavy. Players have a bit more freedom in weapons based on the type of damage they do. Like kinetic and power!


The Campaign

The Red Legion has shown up to claim the Traveler for themselves. Gaul, aka Gary, believes that the Traveler should have selected the Cabal instead of Humanity. Thus they are punishing the Traveler and showing her how she has made a mistake. The Red Legion cuts off our connection to the Light and the leaders of the Vanguard scatter.

We have to hunt down the leaders of the Vanguard. Zavala is having an existential crisis, Ikora has gone into hiding, and Cayde-6 has set out to save the world himself. As we find the leaders of humanity, we will regain our Light and uncover new abilities, powers, and allies.


Patrol will be changing too. We will be exploring the wilds, running into survivors, public events, hidden treasures and areas. We will be sent on missions by the people we run into in the wilds. Our new map will allow us to quickly find events going on in the area. We also won’t have to worry about going to orbit to move between planets! We will be exploring 4 new worlds Titan, IO, Nessus. and the European Dead Zone.

PvE & PvP

Strikes, Nightfalls, and the Crucible will be making a return. As well as a new Raid!  Crucible is now 4v4 across all game modes. We know of a new game mode called countdown. It is an attack and defend game mode.  Clans are making a return in Destiny 2 but will actually be in the game, like Guilds in other games. The Clans will be the basis for the new match making system. If you are a solo player looking to run the Raid, you can look for clans that are looking for someone. You can join that Clans game, but you don’t have to join!

Keep an eye out for more information as I will be making sure I follow this closely! Destiny is a game close to my heart and Destiny 2 looks like it is shaping up to be a fantastic game! You can pre order Destiny 2 here! Karthas out!

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