Destiny Lore: Taniks the Scarred

By: Karthas

Hello, Guardians, and welcome to The Goblin Gazette. Today, we will be talking about our good friend, Taniks. We know that Taniks has no house, kneels before no banner, and owes allegiance to no Kell, but what else do we know about him? Today we will find out, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the lore.

As you might have guessed, Taniks is a powerful Fallen warrior. He is ruthless, calculating, and he’s got a nice cloak. Aside from spamming his scorch cannon, he is a mercenary willing to take on anything that pays well. Some of his more notable jobs were breaking Askor, the Archon Priest, out of the Prison of Elders, the one that we kill in the Winter’s Run strike, and killing the Guardian Andal Brask, Cayde’s former mentor and friend. A side note, Andal Brask actually held the position that Cayde currently holds within the Vanguard, but Cayde stepped in to fill the spot after his friend was killed.

Anyways, its pretty obvious that Taniks is very good at what he does, but why are we sent to kill him? Aside from farming that sweet cloak and does not bow it turns out that Taniks was hired by the House of Wolves, more specifically, he was hired by Skolas. Ah yes, our old pain in the butt friend. You see Skolas was looking for all sorts of ways to to be become Kell of Kells so he sent Taniks to steal any and all technology he could scavenge from the Hive at the Hellmouth. That’s why we see the Hive and Fallen fighting each other.

We are sent by Variks to take care of Taniks, who according to Variks, killed numerous Awoken during the Reef Wars. So we show up at the Hellmouth and begin our push. Once there we kill some of Fallen from the House of Wolves who were sent to aid Taniks. Eventually Taniks shows up and he’s pretty upset that we’ve been killing his guys.

At some point he decides we’re a nice challenge, so he invites us up on his Katch so he can kill us there. Unfortunately for Taniks we turn out to be terrible guests and kill more of his friends, destroy his tank, and finally kill him.

A few interesting thing to note about Taniks, he is known to graft different technology on to himself from his exploits. Additionally his cloak that he drops seems to have the symbol of an unknown Fallen House. Whether it’s of his own design or a long forgotten house is currently unknown. I prefer to think that Taniks enjoys knitting in his spare time.

Well I think that is it for today, thanks for checking in. If you have a few minutes check out the video below about Taniks the Scarred!


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