Destiny Lore: The Undying Mind

Hello and welcome to The Goblin Gazette! Today we will be talking about one of my favorite strikes in Destiny, The Undying Mind. You may be wondering, why exactly do we need to stop the Undying Mind? What is the big deal? Well I hope to answer those questions today, so please sit back relax and enjoy the lore!

The Undying Mind

The Undying Mind, is an ancient and powerful Vex Hydra. So powerful, it is said that even other Vex fear it. It was created by the precursors and lay dormant in the Black Garden. We are sent to stop it because it is attempting to revive the Black Heart, and lock the garden out of time and space.

Look at his smug stupid…face!

For those who remember, in Vanilla destiny, we had to go to the Black Garden to destroy the Heart. Somehow the Heart was corrupting the Traveler and we were sent to destroy it. The only way we could access the Black Garden was by stealing the eye of a Vex Gate Lord. This was because the Vex had locked the Garden out of time and space, which simply means that we were unable to access it unless we had the key.

Luckily for us, we found out from the Queen of the Reef that the eye of a Vex Gate Lord would allow us to enter the Black Garden. So we set out to find ourselves a Vex Gate Lord and steal its eye. With the Eye in hand we were able to enter the Black Garden and destroy its heart releasing the Black Garden from the Vex’s control. Once the Heart was destroyed we were teleported back to Mars, where we could now access the Black Garden whenever we wanted to without a Gate Lord’s Eye.

Why do we care?

So now that we understand what the Undying Mind is attempting to do, why do we care. The Undying Mind is attempting to lock the garden out of time and space again. This would mean that we cannot access it like we’ve been able to since destroying the Black Heart. And the Vex would be able to hide it away from us and do who knows what. We don’t want this to happen so Ikora sends us to kill the Undying Mind.

The strike actually starts where the mission The Black Garden Ends. We set off and begin killing the Vex who are attempting to protect the Undying Mind. As the Vex fall before our might, we begin to encounter a new set of Vex enemies known as the Precursors. These Vex were created long before the present day, long before the age of humanity. While they put up quite the fight, we are able to take them out.

Once we finally reach the end and kill a few more Vex, the Undying Mind appears. Unlike other Vex Hydras, the Undying Mind has three shields instead of one. As we fight it, the Undying Mind summons more Vex to defend itself, and it seems the Precursors begin to appear to protect it as well.

These guys are literally the bane of my existence

But we, as we always do, prove stronger, in the end we destroy the Undying Mind and prevent any attempt by the Vex to seal it away. We then pray to the Traveler that we get a god Imago Loop.

Interesting things to note

A few interesting things about this strike, Imago Loop, which drops from the Undying Mind is an interesting name. Imago refers to the final and fully developed stage of an insect, typically winged. While a loop, simply means doing something over and over again. The description of the gun reads as follows:

…once-mighty wings, now dewy and fragile and new, as again the silken threads encased its…

Perhaps this implies that we will be seeing the Undying Mind again in the future, or maybe this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it. In the Taken King there is a taken variation where it seems that a coven of Taken Wizards are attempting to corrupt the mind, but we stop that from happening. Finally while the Undying Mind blasts appear orange, they are actually void damage. This is probably why the other Vex fear it, because it’s tricky like that.

Well that’s it for today, you can check out the YouTube video about this topic below! I hope you enjoyed this bit of lore, now get out there Guardians!

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