Destiny Lore: The Warlocks

Greetings and welcome back to The Goblin Gazette! Today we will continue our series on the classes in Destiny, and talk about the Warlocks. Personally I find that the Warlocks are one of the more interesting classes in Destiny. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the lore.

The Warlocks

Seekers of knowledge and ancient power. They were the first Guardians to harness the powers of the Traveler. To them, the mysteries of the universe are more powerful than any weapon or relic of the past. With their minds they can shatter reality and summon the unstoppable powers of the universe.Some of the most powerful and influential Guardians have come from their ranks, while others have fallen away from the Light. These are the Warlocks.

The Warlocks are known for their wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the world around them. It is the Warlocks who try to answer the question why. They are Scholars, but don’t let their robes and tomes fool you, they can lay waste to any who stand in their way.  In the words of Shaxx

“Warlocks might be thinkers, but most I know can hold their own”

The Warlocks currently have 3 subclasses, each more different than the next.


They are the clerics of Destiny. They bring hope to all those around them, buffing and aiding their fireteam. Just like the Sun they burn bright carrying their Light into the Darkness. They are beacons of hope in the dark, guiding the way. Their Radiance burns their enemies under a torrent of flames, and they can even resurrect themselves.


Stormcallers wield the power of Arc. From their hands they unleash the fury of the storm clearing entire battlefields of enemies. They are the Wizards of Destiny, wielding the forces of nature against their enemies. They surrender themselves to the Stormtrance letting it flow through them, not but consume them.


Voidwalkers wield the mysterious Void. They are the Sorcerers of Destiny, wielding powers that some would deem unwise. The Voidwalkers believe that even the darkest secrets can be used in their fight against the Darkness. In their hands they hold the power of the Nova Bomb, unleashing devastation upon their enemies.

Warlock Orders

Currently there are only two known Warlock Orders, The Praxic Warlocks and the Thanatonauts.

The Praxic Warlocks

The Praxic Warlocks believe they should be less concerned with the nature of the Darkness but more concerned with how best to fight it. They value bravery and service. Those who prove they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of others are honored with the Comorant Seal.

The Thanatonauts

The Thanatonauts are a group of Warlocks who voluntarily die to receive visions of their lives from before they were revived by their ghosts. Some believe this practice to be dangerous but it has aided in multiple different areas of the cities group. Specifically it was used in the creation of Hard Light to attain the golden age technology.

The Greatest Warlocks

There have been many powerful Warlocks throughout time, but some of the more notable Warlocks are listed below.


Osiris, probably the most famous or infamous Warlock, depending on your views. He was a powerful and respected warrior and was one of the few Warlocks to aid in the Battle of Six Fronts. It was there that Saint-14, who was so impressed by Osiris’s prowess, recommended to the Speaker that Osiris lead the Vanguard.

Shortly after this he served as the Speaker’s apprentice. But soon Osiris began to question the Light, the Guardians, and even the Traveler. Osiris noticed that many of the Guardians had similar qualities and wondered if their actions were truly their own. He began to study Vex, and dabble in Thanatotatics, and prophecised the arrival of Oryx.

Soon he was exiled, but many followed him into his exile becoming know as the Cult of Osiris. Currently it is unknown if Osiris is still alive, but many believe he, along with Eris Morn, visited the Queen of the Reef about the arrival of Oryx. Currently his followers hold the Trials of Osiris in honor of him and to find the most skilled Guardians.

Toland the Shattered

Toland the Shattered was a Warlock who was obsessed with the Hive and the Darkness. He wielded the legendary Auto Rifle Shadow Price and Eventually the Exotic Pulse Rifle Bad Juju. He was recruited by Eriana-3 to join a fireteam to attempt to kill Crota, but he was never seen afterward. But many believe he lived, and was able to enter the Hive Ascendent Realm.

In the Taken King, a orb leads the Guardian throughout the missions and even in King’s Fall. Many believe this orb to be Toland who is leading the Guardians to defeat Oryx, but desires for them to take his place. When the Guardians defeat Oryx but choose not to replace him, Toland is furious, stating that the Sword Logic has been broken.


Praedyth was a Warlock who joined Kabr’s fireteam who assaulted the Vault of Glass. Much like Karb, Praedyth was lost to the Vault, but seems to exist at the same time. In the hidden quest in the Paradox mission, the Vanguard receives a signal from the Vault of Glass from Praedyth. As they attempt to save him, they find his skeleton. But it turns out Praedyth’s ghost survived and were the first to witness Oryx’s power to take. As it stands, Praedyth is both alive and dead, as he is lost to the Vault.

Lord Felwinter
Lord Felwinter was an Iron Lord, and possibly one of the more controversial. He was once a Warlord but understood that the Iron Lords would defeat him should he fight, thus he decided to join them. He trained under Lord Timur, who sought out SIVA.

Felwinter is infamously known for killing Citan. Citan was a Warlord but the Iron Lords wanted to convince him to join their cause. Felwinter knew Citan wouldn’t join but visited him under the guise of peace. Felwinter knew Citan wouldn’t join, and decided to simply kill Citan because he knew the other Iron Lords would seek to find another means of removing him.

When the Iron Lords attempted to break into the bunker to get SIVA, they were attacked by Rasputin. Felwinter attempted to communicate with Rasputin, but to no avail. He died in the bunker along with the other Iron Lords.

Ikora Rey

Ikora Rey is the leader of the Vanguard for the Warlock class. Her extensive knowledge has earned her the respect of all Orders. She made quite a name for herself in the Crucible and in the field. She has a knack for surviving against all odds. These experiences have given her a wealth of knowledge which she uses to study unconventional threats to the Last City.

Interestingly enough she has a group of spies known as The Hidden who go behind enemy lines. These spies serve as her eyes and ears in the field. One of the known members of the Hidden is Eris Morn.

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