Destiny Lore: The Titans

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Goblin Gazette! Karthas here with some more Destiny Lore. We are going to be switching things up a bit today. I wanted to take a break from some of the bosses we fight and talk about the Guardians. Specifically i wanted to talk about the classes. So, for those who are not familiar, there are 3 classes in Destiny. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. I plan are talking about each of them, but today we will be talking just about the Titans. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy the lore.

The Titans

The defenders of the City and the stalwart bastion of hope to all those within its walls. It was by their hands that the walls of the City were built and it is by their blood and sacrifice that it still stands to this day, these are the Titans.

The Titans are known for their honor, strength, courage, and their love of punching things. While Warlocks and Hunters may be focused on threats outside of the City’s walls, the Titans look to its defense. They have a taken a blood oath to ensure it will always stand strong. The Titans are sometimes referred to as blunt force instruments of the Traveller’s will. Whereas a hunter or Warlock may try to come up with a creative solution to a problem, the Titans prefer to face it head on.

Titan Subclasses

Currently Titans have 3 subclasses:




Defenders utilize the powers of the Void to protect their allies and disintegrate their enemies. They are strategists and tacticians, controlling the flow of the battlefield. Their Ward of Dawn protects, bolsters their defenses, and increases their strength.

Strikers wield Arc, they are brash and run headlong into danger looking for anybody to smash with their Fist of Havoc. They are masters of chaos, leaving their enemies reeling from their aggressive onslaught.

Sunbreakers embrace the fury of the Sun. They set the battlefield ablaze and watch their enemies burn away. They wield the legendary Hammer of Sol, crushing their enemies beneath it’s might.

Titan Orders

There have been multiple Titans orders each with different goals and strategies. These include:

The Firebreak Order

The First Pillar Order

The Pilgrim Order

The Stoneborn Order

The Sun Legion

And the Sunbreakers


The Firebreak Order which were a group of Titans who believed the best way to defend the Last City was to actually take the fight to the enemy. If they caused enough trouble for the enemy away from the walls of the City, then the enemy would never have the chance to focus on the City. They would attempt to take ground and hold it. An in game mechanic that perfectly illustrates this are Sunspots. If you have the right perks, Sunbreakers become more powerful while standing in them. It symbolizes the Firebreak Order’s belief of relentlessly pushing forward.

The First Pillar Order has very little information. What we do know is that they were very successful in fighting against the Darkness, but these successes often cost them their lives.

The Pilgrim Order is the oldest Titan Order. They were formed to protect refugees who were seeking shelter under the Traveller’s shadow long before the Last City was built. It is said they were formed during the Dark Age.

The Stoneborn Order are the defenders of the Last City. They, more than any other Order, are dedicated to the defense and protection of the Last City and it’s people.

The Sun Legion has very little information about them at this time unfortunately.

The Sunbreakers are an ancient Order of Titans. They, unlike the other Orders, prefer to stay in the wilds rather than the Last City. They are mercenaries for hire and they are made up entirely of Sunbreaker Titans who wield the legendary Hammer of Sol. At one point Osiris brokered a deal with them but Zavala objected to the deal earning the Sunbreaker’s resentment. During the Taken War, Zavala sends us in search of the Sunbreakers hoping for their help. Unfortunately they had been wiped out by the Vex and we’re lost to time. We travel to the Burning Shrine and revive the fallen Order.

Legendary Titans

There are many well known Titans who have done some amazing things. Some of these are:

Saint-14 the legendary Exo Titan who hunted down and killed the Kell of the House of Devils by headbutting his skull in. He held Osiris in high regard even suggesting he lead the Vanguard. When Osiris went missing, the Speaker sent Saint-14 off to find him. He has been missing since then.

Saladin the last original Iron Lord, or so we thought until Efrideet showed up. When the Iron Lords set off to find SIVA they made their way to the replication chamber. While the others sacrifice themselves, Saladin was left to carry on their memory. When the Fallen discovered SIVA Saladin personally gathered Guardians to fight back the Splicers and trained up a new generation of Iron Lords.

Kabr the Legionless was a Titan who was obsessed with the Vex. Going so far as to make a full set of armor from their bodies. This unfortunately, may have led to his demise as many believe the armor itself drove him mad. He led an I’ll fated fireteam comprised of him, Praedyth, and Pahanin on the Vault of Glass. Pahanin was able to escape, but Praedyth and Kabr were lost to the vault. As Kabr died, he used his last bit of light to create the Aegis, which allowed us to defeat the Templar.

Shaxx the friendly neighborhood crucible handler is a Titan who gained renown during the battle of 6 fronts. The Fallen Houses united to reclaim the Traveller. In a moment of either desperation or strategy Shaxx led a group of Guardians to attack the fallen after they had been rebuffed. This attack successfully broke the Fallen line possibly saving the City from destruction. He and his Redjacks currently claim and secure areas for the crucible, sometimes facing heavy resistance.

There are many more great Titans who did some amazing things, if you are interested, make your way over to Destinypedia or Ishtar Collective to learn more! But I think that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed this bit of Destiny Lore. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by my friends and I hope to see you around!


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