Destiny Lore: Valus Ta’aruc

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all are having a great day. Karthas here, and aside from eating lots of turkey and stuffing, today we will be talking about the one, the only Valus Ta’aruc! Or as he is affectionately referred to over on the destinythegame subreddit, Rockets McDickface. So sit back, relax and enjoy the lore.

Valus Ta’aruc

Valus Ta’aruc’s is an infamous Cabal commander, known for claiming more land on Mars for the Cabal than any other commander. He is ruthless, cunning, and a pain in the butt. He wields a large mini gun called a Heavy Slug Thrower and he shoots missiles. Basically this guy means business.

He is the commander of the Siege Dancers, a group of Cabal stormtroopers known for quickly taking and fortifying new positions. Their colors are blue and Yellow. The Siege Dancers are a small division within the larger Cabal group known as the Dust Giants.

What do we know?

So what do we know about Valus Ta’aruc? Well unfortunately we don’t have a ton of information on him. What we do know is that when we initially visit mars, we breach the Cabal exclusion zone and kill a bunch of Cabal. By doing this we incur the wrath of the Cabal who were already in a vicious battle with the Vex on Mars. As Zavala states, we’ve entered a war with the Cabal and now we need to strike. If we can take out Valus Ta’aruc, then we can deal a great blow to the Cabal command on mars.

So we set out to put him down. We fight through Valus Ta’aruc’s guard and take out a Goliath tank along the way. Eventually we end up on a large Cabal Land tank called Cerberus Vae III. Once inside we finally find Valus Ta’aruc, who greets us in a hail of gunfire. We proceed to shoot him in the head repeatedly until he dies. With Valus Ta’aruc dead, the Cabal are down a commander, and we get a chance of snagging a Treads Upon Stars.

Interesting things to note

Some interesting things about Valus Ta’aruc, he is the one who unleashes the Psion Flayers. In Ghost Fragment 2 we follow a guardian who is hunting Valus Ta’aruc. As a battle between the Cabal and Vex unfold she witnesses Rasputin unleashing destruction upon them. Once the smoke has cleared she overhears Valus Ta’aruc demanding the Flayers be released to hunt down the source. In this same Ghost Fragment we learn that this Hunter was sent to find the location of Valus Ta’aruc, not to kill him. So it is reasonable to believe she is the one who gives Zavala Valus Ta’aruc’s location.

Another interesting thing to note is the Treads Upon Stars Scout Rifle can drop from this strike. It reads “Ghost has tried to translate this weapon’s inscription, but the Cabal language has proven difficult to parse.” It is strange that a scout rifle that we are able to use has a Cabal inscription on it.

Well that’s it for today, thank you so much for reading. Below you can find a video which goes over the lore of Valus Ta’aruc!



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