Encounters in the Savage Cities Review

Encounters in the Savage Cities Review

Greetings my friends! It’s been a bit since I reviewed something. My past few posts were regarding our dice giveaways (if you missed, stay tuned we will have more!), and before that I was working on some D&D guides. But I’m back with more D&D goodness. Today, I will be doing something we’ve not done before, reviewing a D&D supplement; Encounters in the Savage Cities! We are fortunate enough to have this supplement sent to us from Jeff Stevens, the creator of this supplement. You can actually get a preview of the supplement through DM’s Guild, so be sure to check it out! And, as an added bonus, we will be giving away 3 free copies! Details can be found at the bottom of the post. So let’s get started!

Encounters in the Savage Cities

Premise of Encounters in the Savage Cities

Alright, Encounters in the Savage Cities is a 5e supplement with 26 encounters. These encounters are useful if you are looking for something to fill gaps in your campaign, provide some inspiration, or even created a fun one off. Please note, this is not a full-fledged adventure, but rather a collection of encounters to supplement your adventure. The 26 encounters vary in difficulty, length, and depth. From quick combat encounters to full-fledged murder mysteries. Chances are you will be able to find a few things to suite your needs. Each of the encounters list the difficulty level and the size of the group it was designed for. This helps to ensure you don’t go overboard and destroy your PCs, but also helps you to give them a bit of a challenge should you choose.

Encounters in the Savage Cities

The Encounters

I’ve included a few of the encounters in some of my games and I’ve had a good deal of success with them. Admittedly I have not used every single encounter presented in the supplement, but based on the ones I have used, I’m willing to give this supplement my seal of approval. At times I actually found myself using the ideas presented in the supplement and altering them a bit to better suite the theme of my session. This is not to say they weren’t good, but rather I had a certain vision I wanted to see, so I was able to retrofit the encounters for my campaign.

The encounters themselves are designed to be used in a city, hence the name “Encounters in the Savage Cities”. Some of the locations presented in the supplement include a market square, a cemetery, a basement, docks, a museum, and even some taverns. In addition to the details of each encounter, you will find pictures of the NPCs the players will be interacting with and even pictures of the locations the players will visit. Additionally many of the encounters have some flavor text to help your players get a picture in their heads of the character or the location. Finally, some of the encounters include a top down view of a specific area so you can use a battle grid for minis!

What I Liked

As I’ve already mentioned, the supplement gives you a lot to work with. It includes 26 encounters, pictures, maps, and descriptions. The encounters themselves were quite good as well as creative. And if they don’t give you exactly what you want, you can always change them up to suite your needs. At times, some outside inspiration can help get the creative juices flowing. I know for myself, this supplement gave me some ideas for my own encounters! The supplement is pretty cheap on Dungeon Master’s Guild, costing you about a quarter per encounter, not a bad deal. Utilizing some of the encounters can free you up to focus on other aspects of your campaign. Some of the encounters could even be used for a one off game if you are ever looking for some ideas.

Encounters in the Savage Cities

What Can Be Improved

Honestly, I’m trying to come up with some things that can be improved here. I would have liked to see more pictures of locations and characters, simply because I am a visual learner. Seeing the pictures and vision the creators had in mind help bring the characters and locations to life for me. The supplement itself is actually a collective work from multiple different people, and you can kind of tell this from encounter to encounter. Like I said, some include maps, pictures, or flavor text, while others may not include these things. Perhaps having a sense of uniformity among the different encounters may help. For example each encounter needs to have some flavor text, picture, and map. I think this would help in knowing what to expect for each encounter.

Encounters in the Savage Cities

Final Thoughts

Encounters in the Savage Cities is a great supplement for any DM. Chances are some of the encounters, if not all, can find a place in your campaign. I know, as a DM, anything I can do to lighten my set up time is greatly appreciated. And to top it all off, its pretty cheap. I will certainly be using these encounters in some of my upcoming games, and I would highly encourage this supplement to any who may be interested.

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10 thoughts on “Encounters in the Savage Cities Review

  1. Fantastic. Fingers crossed for a free one, but may have to get it even if I don’t. Been needing some fresh ideas for inn encounters, since that is what my players always seek out in town.

    1. Just remember…the key to a good inn is the name!

  2. Awesome review! I like this statement “Finally, some of the encounters include a top down view of a specific area so you can use a battle grid for minis!” because it is great to review…but helping me, the reader, see how it will interact and work on my table, makes the difference. i.e. talking about how to bring it home or make it personal in my game. Well Done

    1. Thank you very much! This was my first supplement review so the feedback is helpful

  3. Great review! Im always cautious about DMs Guild material but I will definitely be picking this one up (If I don’t win it first!)

    1. Thank you very much! I wish you the best of luck!

  4. I like the fact that it’s possible to put these encounters in my ongoing campaign.

    1. That is what I like about it as well!

  5. Looks good. I’m excited to start using these encounters!

  6. Looks great!

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