Goblin Jubilee Year 1

Goblin Jubilee Year 1

Greetings and Happy Goblin Jubilee, or I should say Goblin Jubilee Year 1 as we hope to have many more! For those who don’t know, November is our anniversary! 1 year ago we had our first post on the blog, so we wanted to celebrate this moment by having a Jubilee. To be more specific, a Goblin Jubilee! In the past year we have seen tremendous growth and none of that would be possible without our followers, readers, and subscribers. It is only by your support and care that we are able to review games, host streams, and write great articles. So, as a thank you, we will be giving away some awesome stuff all month long. But first we’d like to reveal our brand new logo!

Jubilee Year 1

A big thank you to our good friend Jordan for this new logo! We are absolutely loving it! Over the next few days we will begin updating our site and all social media sites with it!

A Year In Review

So, before we get to the giveaways, I wanted to take a moment to look back over this past year. Again, none of this would be possible without your support! When we first started, we didn’t really know where this would go, but we enjoy gaming, so we wanted to funnel our passion into something productive. Matt, Cody, and I (Scott) started out just writing about things we enjoyed. But we began to realize we needed to narrow our focus, so we decided to hone in on gaming related topics.

We all loved the idea of doing game reviews, and we dreamed of the day people would send us their games. So we started out by reviewing games that we already owned. But soon people were sending us their stuff to review, and we are astounded! Due to the number of games we had in our backlog, we brought on David to help us out. He’s been great and has reviewed a few games for us. This pushed us to posting twice a week. Then we realized we needed another person, so we brought in Sam! Now we are posting 5 times every 2 weeks, and we are loving it! We are amazed by the growth we have seen and look forward to the coming year!

The Numbers

In total we published 71 posts. 49 posts about stuff we liked and 22 game reviews. 9 of those reviews were video games and 13 of them board/tabletop games! In total we have had 38,266 views on our site! That is a ton! In a single day we had 16,721 views on our D&D Alignments post. We look forward to seeing these number grow and can’t wait to see where this next year will take us.

Looking Ahead

So what does the future hold for us? Honestly, we aren’t sure. We know we want to keep doing game reviews, and “opinion pieces” as we’ve come to call them. We hope to keep connecting with awesome indie game companies to review their games, connecting with other gamers, and most importantly connecting with our followers, supporters, and subscribers.

The Giveaways

Alright, so the moment you have been waiting for…the free stuff! So for each week in November we will be running a giveaway. This is what the schedule looks like:

  • Nov 2nd – Nov 8th: Tabletop Loot Dice Giveaway (3 sets)
  • Nov 9th – Nov 15th: Elder Scrolls Online Key Giveaway
  • Nov 16th – Nov 22nd: Kraken Dice Giveaway (3 sets)
  • Nov 23rd – Nov 29th: Rocket League Key Giveaway

Those are the dates, so if you see something you like, keep a look out! We will be promoting them on Twitter and Facebook. For the dice, we will be posting a blog about them as well.

So, from the whole Goblin Gazette crew, thank you. Thank you for the support, the views, the shares, the likes, everything. We are truly amazed by your support and generosity. Here is to a new year full of new things!

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