Hex Game Review

Hex Game Review

Do you love puzzle games? Brain teasers? Or maybe you’re more of a simple, straight forward kind of gamer? Do you love going from level to level with increasing difficulty and obstacles? Well I have the game just for you! Try out the game Hex, created by indie game developer Studio Goya. Hex is a puzzle game with a very simple goal: clear all the tiles! But as you go from level to level, the tiles will become more complex, causing you to think and plan every move! Let’s check out the Hex review!

Hex: Nothing too complicated starting out!
Nothing too complicated starting out!

Premise of Hex

Hex is very easy to understand and play. You move a little white dot from hexagon tile to hexagon tile. Every time you leave a tile, it disappears. The goal of the game is to remove all the tiles from the area.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, you can only move to tiles that are sharing a surface edge. You can not move when two tiles are at each others angles. Another thing to note is there are different types of tiles as you move up through the levels. These tiles might multiply or you might have to land on them twice in order to remove them. You also have to keep in mind that you can move up to two tiles away, but no more. So when there are two tiles that are exactly one tile space away from each other, you can “jump” over that space to get to the other tile. Lastly, there are also some tiles that you can’t land on, which create obstacles and barriers to move around, so plan accordingly.


Hex: Definitely gets more complicated as you go!
Definitely gets more complicated as you go!

Hex is super simple. You basically click on a tile to move your little dot to that tile. There really isn’t much to the graphics either. The tiles and background look just fine, and I personally get a very futuristic vibe from the colors and graphics. And the music is incredible, which also gives off a very chill, upbeat, futuristic feeling. This game play is great for all ages due to the simplicity of the game. I feel like any one from age 5 to 90 could play this game. And the concept, which is just clearing the area of hexagonal tiles, is really easy to understand as well.

Some of the levels are pretty difficult, so that might deter some people from playing it for too long. But I found it to be incredibly fun and a great way to pass time. The levels were great brain teasers, and from what I discovered, if you pay attention to the different routes you take to remove the tiles, you will eventually find the correct route to remove them all. It is incredibly satisfying, after failing several times and trying different routes, to finally find the correct route. And it’s awesome because long before you finish removing all the tiles, you will see the path to complete the level. It’s like playing out moves in your head in a chess game. You just keep looking for it, and then it clicks and bam! Checkmate!

What I Liked

I first just want to say how awesome the music is for this game! It’s so good! I find myself head bobbing every time and dancing to the music when I complete a level. It is so catchy and relaxing! The game, in my opinion, really gives off this futuristic vibe, and the music definitely supports that vibe.

The game is so simple and addicting. Anyone could play this game. I also feel that the levels are not terribly difficult. This gives the player a challenge without feeling like too much of a failure should they get stumped. I found, as stated above, that if you just stick with it and try out a few routes, you will eventually get to the point where you can find the correct route and clear the area of tiles for each level.

The game is also easy to play. All you need to do is click on the tiles, and that’s where your dot will go. There are no other controls. There is also a replay button, for when you make a mistake, and a home menu button. Pretty straight forward.

Hex: So many different levels!
So many different levels!

What Can be Improved

Honestly, there really isn’t much to improve for Hex. If you want to play a great, solid puzzle game, then this is it!

The only thing about this game is that it might not be for everyone. This game does one thing very well, and that’s being a great brain teaser, puzzle, hexagonal tile removal game. But that’s it. So if that’s not something you’d be interested in, then move along.

Like the Jim Gaffigan skit, it’s kind of like saying McDonald’s should serve better, healthier food. McDonald’s shouldn’t serve better and healthier food, because it doesn’t claim to do that. It’s a fast food burger joint, and they do that really well. If you want a healthy lunch, go to Subway.

Final Thoughts on Hex

Hex: Super fun, super addicting!
Super fun, super addicting!

Overall, this game is great! I really have no complaints here. The game is simple, and yet provides a good challenge. You might have to be in the right mood in order to play a game like this, and it definitely has a target audience, but it’s a really good puzzle game. And did I say the music is awesome? Because the music is really awesome.

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Peace and love,

Matt “Donoran” Fuhrmann


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