Kraken Dice Giveaway

Kraken Dice Giveaway

Greetings and welcome back! I hope you are having a great Goblin Jubilee, I know we are! For those who may not know, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary! In honor of this occasion we have been giving away some awesome stuff to thank all of our readers, supporters, and subscribers. To kick things off we gave away some dice, then we gave away a copy of Elder Scrolls Online, 15 days of ESO plus, and a vanity pet…pretty cool. Well today I am back with some awesome dice to give away from our friends over at Kraken Dice! And, might I add, the color scheme is quite…fitting.

Kraken Dice

If you’ve not checked out their site yet, you need to. They have some really nice dice over there that may get that dice itch going. Most, if not all, of them come with a little black dice bag to go with them! You can also find Kraken Dice on Twitter, Facebook & Etsy. I’m particularly interested in their metal dice sets. I’ve never used metal dice set before, but I feel like the sound of the die hitting the table would be a beautiful sound to behold. Not to mention they would go great with my Dwarven Paladin I am currently playing. But back to the giveaway, they were nice enough to send me 3 sets. So be sure to check them out! If it were not for their generosity, we wouldn’t have any dice to give away, and that would be a shame.

The Dice

Alright so now to the dice. Like I said before they sent me 3 different sets:

Emerald Midnight:

Kraken Dice

Green Pearl with gold numbers:

Kraken Dice

Green Pearl with white numbers:

Kraken Dice


All of them look beautiful! I really love the pearl gloss on them as it gives them a nice shine. Personally, my favorite set is the Emerald Midnight, but I may be a little bias due to the colors. Like I said, they all come with a little black dice bag and they included a D20 sticker as well as a cute little Kraken sticker for you to put anywhere you please! Believe me, a dice bag is an invaluable thing to have, nothing is worse than losing one of your die.

Kraken Dice

Giveaway Details

Alright so the details! There are 2 things I need to state beforehand. First, like the last dice giveaway, we will only be shipping to winners in the US. So if you are outside the US, unfortunately we won’t be able to ship them to you should you win. The cost of shipping is just too much, we are truly sorry! Second, we are using Rafflecopter to run this giveaway. In order to even access the giveaway you will need to enter your email address in the widget below. Please note this isn’t you entering the giveaway, this is just how we will contact you should you win. The rest of the details are below. You do not need to do everything in the widget to enter, but doing more gives you more entries!

  • Giveaway runs from 12am November 16th – 12am November 23rd
  • Please try to respond in a timely manner. We will be contacting the winners within a few days of the giveaway ending
  • We will not be shipping outside the US
  • If you are already a subscriber to our site, be sure to check the box below indicating you are. If you haven’t subscribe yet, be sure to do it!

Good luck!

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65 thoughts on “Kraken Dice Giveaway

  1. I really like the Emerald Midnight, looks real good.

  2. The Emerald Midnight is eaily my favourite of the three.

  3. The emerald midnight set looks dope

  4. All 3 dice sets are beautiful however Emerald Midnight is my favorite.

  5. Emerald midnight yo

  6. Gotta agree with the others Emerald Midnight all the way.

  7. I gotta go with green pearl with gold.

  8. Emerald midnight for the win!

  9. Green with Gold lettering.

  10. Man Green Pearl is just so pretty!

  11. Green Pearl 😀

  12. I like the Emerald Midnight

  13. Beautiful dice indeed!

  14. Those green pearl with gold would be a perfect match to a set i picked up on vacation last weekend 🙂

  15. I love these dice, wouldn’t mind buying some if I don’t win

  16. Green emerald with white numbers is where it’s at.

  17. Green Pearl with Gold looks great

  18. Definitely the midnight!

  19. Green pearl with white numbers is my favorite.

  20. Green Pearl w/ WHITE looks absolutely awesome. It totally stands out above the others with an almost milky richness the others lack

  21. I’ve bought from Krakendice before, and they are great! Would love to add those Green Pearl with Golds to my collection!

  22. The emerald midnight is beautiful!

  23. Emerald is amazing! Would be awesome to go with a purple set that I just bought. Need to get a second one 🙂

  24. Emerald Midnight is the best!

  25. I really like the midnight emerald set!

  26. Green pearl with gold are awesome!

  27. Looks really cool!

  28. The green pearl with white numbers is the best looking one.

  29. Personally I’m fond of the green pearl with white lettering.

  30. Emerald Pearl looks pretty good tho

  31. Emerald Midnight ofc, that set is gorgeous

  32. I just love these dice! Special sets are so fun!

  33. I just love these dice! They are so beautiful.

  34. They all look great!

  35. First time ever seeing kraken dice; very impressed with the green pearl and gold.

  36. It’s seems lots of us out in agreement that the Emerald Midnight is the best set. I would agree.

  37. I like the green with gold lettering the best. I think a friend of mine has that set!

  38. Green Pearl

  39. I love the gold pearl with golden numbers!

  40. The Green Pearl with White Numbers is my favorite.

  41. Emerald Midnight looks great. Thanks for the give away!

  42. saint’s relic are my favorite

  43. All of those look great!

  44. Emerald midnight is the best one, unique

  45. Emerald Midnight looks quite nice.

  46. Emerald Midnight looks amazing, as does the pearl with White.

  47. The Green pearl with white numbers is my favorite!

  48. The Green Pearl with gold numbers look awesome!

  49. Emerald midnight dice look amazing

  50. Emerald midnight and gold green pearl look amazing.

  51. Loved the emerald midnight

  52. The Green Pearl with white numbers looks to be the easiest to read.

  53. Pearl with gold look awesome. One can never have enough dice!

  54. Gotta say I’m hoping for the green pearl with white lettering

  55. Lovin the emerald midnight.

  56. Green pearl with white numbers is my fave.

  57. Green Pearl with Gold is the way to go imo.

  58. Green Pearl with white numbers all the way.

  59. The emerald midnight looks dope

  60. These greenies are astounding! I love the green pearl with white numbers. The green looks very deep, like sea green jade. Nice contrast makes for easy reading from across the table. I want to get multiple sets of them to color code my to hit and damage rolls. I like to throw all d20’s and damage dice at once, and I need 4-5 sets of the same color!

  61. Definitely loving the Green Pearl with gold numbers

  62. All of them look good to me.

  63. Emerald Midnight 4 sho.

  64. I have never won a raffle before, maybe ill get lucky this time

  65. Emerald Midnight is gorgeous.

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