Lotia Game Review

Lotia Review When I was asked to review Lotia for The Goblin Gazette, I was very excited! I’ve not had the opportunity to reviewed a lengthy RPG yet. After logging about a dozen hours of gameplay of Crayon Ponyfish’s Lotia, I can say that this was an enjoyable RPG to review. Designed with the help […]

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Deep Ones Game Review

Deep Ones Game Review Deep Ones is a retro-style platformer, where you play as The Diver. The Diver is trying to find his submarine, which has been taken by the Big Red Octopus. As The Diver, you must fight your way through the scary, yet visually appealing, ocean depths to get back your submarine. You […]

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Kraken Dice Giveaway

Kraken Dice Giveaway Greetings and welcome back! I hope you are having a great Goblin Jubilee, I know we are! For those who may not know, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary! In honor of this occasion we have been giving away some awesome stuff to thank all of our readers, supporters, and subscribers. To […]

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Stellar Tactics Game Review

Stellar Tactics Game Review Hello all! My name is FreundOrFoe and today I will be discussing my thoughts on an early access game called Stellar Tactics. This game is basically the love child of No Mans Sky and Dungeons and Dragons, from jumping place to place, fighting monsters, and exploring for cool gadgets. Planet to […]

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Mario Music – Music in Games Part 3

Mario Music – Music in Games Part 3 HELLO! Back to Part 3 of our discussion on music in video games, Specifically diving in to the many great examples that Nintendo’s Main-Man Mario has been stomping Goomba’s to for as long as most of us can remember. We’ve covered the NES/SNES era, and last time […]

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