Planet Nomads Review

Planet Nomads Review

Hello everyone! My name is FreundOrFoe and today I will be reviewing an early access game on Steam called Planet Nomads. An open world, sandbox that focuses on crafting, survival, and exploration. If Astroneer and No Mans Sky had a love child Planet Nomads would be it. I really enjoyed playing this game and I hope to provide some insight for those. Now without further ado let the review begin!

Planet Nomads

Basic Info

Planet Nomads was made public on May 25th 2017 by Craneballs, a Small team of developers in the Czech Republic. The game starts you off in a pod which had just landed on an unexplored planet. With only a multi-tool and the jetpack suit on your back your objective is to go out harvesting resources to create a base and survive. For those either starting off or want to goof around there are two modes that you can play, creative mode and survival mode.

Creative mode

In creative mode there are no resource costs to building or even worrying about gathering resources to survive. This is part of the game where your creative mind can be let loose. Building Machines you have yet to unlock in survival mode gives you the chance to play with every machine/equipment without having to invest all the time it would normally take in survival mode.

Survival mode

Now survival mode you will need to harvest resources to build these machines/equipment in order to live through each day. There are four aspects in survival mode that you will need to maintain so that you will not die. Those being stamina, hunger, thirst, and health. If your stamina, thirst, or hunger reaches zero your health will slowly decrease until you die or fix the problem by eating, sleeping, or drinking.

Maintaining your basic survival needs is not difficult to do. food and water are abundant in the world and you can sleep in either the pod, your base, or out in the open. Be careful about sleeping in the open because you never know what might be lurking in the night.

Planet Nomads


You’ll have to gather a whole lot of resources and use a 3D printer to produce various crafting components. Resource gathering is very slow without using batteries. The batteries are unfortunately consumables and need to be crafted frequently using different components. Crafting components are also used in other recipes to build other structures, such as walls, ground vehicles, and greenhouses. Some structures require power to function, and you need to use generators to provide them with enough energy.

In order to unlock new crafting recipes, you have to build the earlier recipes that are already unlocked. The recipes are slowly unlocked, which is probably a good thing to keep the player from feeling overwhelmed. In addition to building structures, you can also dig through the terrain. Changing the world around you is a great feature, however, without a way to rebuild it, or smooth it out, it can become an issue when you accidentally put a hole near your base. I hope they add more functionality for terrain morphing in the near future.

Planet Nomads



By exploring your environment and creating new machinery through different recipes you will get the opportunity to upgrade your suit, tool, and jetpack. These upgrades are very helpful at increasing your farming efficiency and makes it a lot easier to gather resources. However this aspect of the game feels like all you are doing is farming to become better at farming. Which for me, left me wanting something else, something that has yet to be incorporated into the game.



What I liked

Like I said I really enjoyed this game. You can build anywhere you want to, destroying terrain and the parts of the world itself to do so. You have the creative freedom in designing your vehicles which helped everything feel like your own. The game provides a good level of difficulty. It is not too difficult to survive but not easy enough to where you can just ignore it. The music was amazing, it really helped make this game a relaxing experience. Environment and scenery are awesome, just awesome.

This one is probably my favorite but having a creative and survival mode allowed players to play the way they want. The Creative mode allowed me to experience some of the later upgrades that would have been difficult to do for this review if I could only do Survival Mode. So it allowed me to pla, without missing out on content.


Planet NomadsWhat could be improved.

One of the things I would like to see is the ability to properly manipulate the ground. Namely filling a hole and flattening the ground. This would help should you make any bad decisions. The animals were unique but did seem sparse in diversity. The game at times had a No Man’s Sky syndrome. Huge world with not a lot of variety and personal objectives.

The vehicles could be improved as well. At times my vehicle would get stuck on parts of the terrain. This meant that sometimes is just easier to just walk or jetpack rather than driving. Additionally the placing of structures could be difficult at times limiting how expansive your base could be.

Final Opinion

As I stated in the beginning of this review this game is in early access. However having said that I really had a blast playing Planet Nomads. There are bugs here and there that hinder your playing but in no way that makes you want to stop playing. The developers at Craneballs are devoted to improving this game by putting out regular patches and updates to make this game better and better with each passing month. If you are a fan of open world, sandbox, survivals then this is the game for you!


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