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Cody “KINGBLUNKERS” Allison here. Wanted to talk to you today about an awesome Early Access game. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

What is it?

PUBG is the latest offering from PLAYERUNKNOWN, aka: Brendan Green. Previous claims to fame for Greene are the well known battle Royale modes in both H1Z1 and Arma3. While I personally haven’t played these two of Greene’s creations, this week I picked up and started playing Battlegrounds.

How to play

Go solo, with a friend or with 3 friends, into a giant warzone. Players all start in a plane that flies over the map. You choose when you jump out and parachute down. As soon as you hit the ground you are being hunted by about 100 other people. In a last man standing fight, you rush around the city grabbing gear, guns, vehicles and more.

What this game does right

Big and Small

This map is massive, most of the time you will notice a lot of people drop out of the plane at the first big village you pass over, but you really can isolate yourself and focus on scavenging. This is all fine and dandy, but what I really love is that this game shrinks the map. After a small period of time, the game will show a massive circle on the map and start counting down. If you are not in this circle by the time the clock runs out, you will start taking damage and can embarrassingly die to this. Once you’re out there are no re-spawns, (if playing with a duo or squad group of 4, your teammates can revive you at times).


I’ve only got a few hours of this game on my belt. And half of them I had a setting incorrectly configured and my controls were all wonky. But me playing solo, with headphones on, was awesome. I was legitimately on high alert. Listening for every footstep and gunshot in the distance, crawling across a whole field as a sniper tried hunting me through the tall grass. Immediately after escaping that, I walked into a house and got blown away by a shotgun.

What could be better


When I talk about the below bugs please understand this game is early access. its an understandable complaint, but it should be mentioned if you are considering this game. I hit two bugs both in the middle of intense fights ultimately causing the loss. And depending on how far you’ve made it, it can be pretty punishing to have to start a new round. One caused my gun to continually reload, and the other my character randomly aimed at the ground. They just made a big update that enhanced a lot of game play and looks.


Besides looking at the controls in the menu, there isn’t a whole lot to tell you the in’s and outs of the game. Steam community is pretty helpful, as well as watching streamers and google searches. The game play is pretty intuitive if you’re used to PC shooters. But nonetheless, I hope some more guides are readily available in the full version of this game.


For only $30, PUBG is one of the best early access games I’ve ever played. There are plenty of times i get burned on early access games and it makes me doubt the effectiveness of this program on Steam. I certainly recommend this to anyone who is in for a challenging game that has a high reward when you win. To say you beat 100 other people sounds awesome, (my highest was top 20… largely because i was good at hiding)

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