SinisterlyCrafty: Dice Bag Giveaway

SinisterlyCrafty: Dice Bag Giveaway

Hello my friends and welcome back! Karthas here with some more Dungeons & Dragons goodness! I wanted to take a break from the guides to talk about a custom hand-made dice bag that was sent to us from SinisterlyCrafty! Did I mention we will be giving it away? And in case you don’t win the dice bag, or you happen to see something else in SinsiterlyCrafty’s Etsy store you really like, you can use coupon code GOBLINGAZETTE to get 20% off of any order until February 28th! That is a pretty great deal, and you didn’t even have to roll a persuasion check to do it. You can find the details about the giveaway and the coupon at the bottom.



You can find SinsterlyCrafty’s Etsy store here and you can check them out on twitter here. SinisterlyCrafty is run by Mel Buchert, who has been making dice bags for 8 years! Her first foray into dice bags was for her D&D group as a “party favor”. I asked her what the most difficult part of making a dice bag is and she said it was picking out the right fabrics and making sure the patterns mesh well together. Additionally she likes to ensure each and every stitch is straight. After seeing the bag Mel sent our way, I’d say she has done an excellent job with these things!


I was surprised at how quick she was able to get the bag over to us, and even more surprised when I saw the bag! She has a great selection of themed bags to choose from like Game of Thrones or even Doctor Who. And if you don’t want a themed bag, you can find some non-themed bags. Additionally she can do custom orders, so if you are looking for something specific, see if she is willing to give it a shot. So make sure you check out Mel’s store! Without SinisterlyCrafty we wouldn’t be doing this giveaway! And how else will you use that 20% off coupon?

The Dice Bag

Alright, so the bag itself, is gorgeous. I am amazed at the attention to detail on this bag. From the stitches that appear flawless, some may even say they look seamless (get it!?!), to the little beads on the strings. It is easy to see the craftsmanship that Mel put into making this. Not to mention the little “GG” on the back is enough to make any goblin’s heart melt. The bag is made from a cloth material that seems very durable. The bag can hold quite a few dice. All 65 of my dice (yes, I counted them all for you) filled about a 4th of the bag. So you could probably fit about 200 dice in here.


The little ropes that hold the bag seem sturdy. And they have these cool little beads that make it feel “old-timey”. The bag feels about the right size; it is not so big that it feels like you are lugging around a sack to your games, but it’s big enough that it can hold all the dice you’d ever need and more. As for the colors they look great… though I’m a bit bias when it comes to green and black. The D&D dragon logo on the front and the little GG shield on the back are perfect additions. Not to mention it warms my little goblin heart.

If you couldn’t tell, I really like this bag. It is a really weird feeling seeing our name on something like this. When we started, we were hoping people would actually read our posts. We never thought we’d see our name on a dice bag!

Plenty of room for you dice-aholics


The Giveaway Details

Alright so the details of the giveaway! The dice bag for the giveaway will not be shipped outside of the US, sorry guys. But SinisterlyCrafty does ship outside the US, so you can use the coupon to save some money on your order. We are using Rafflecopter to run this giveaway. In order to even access the giveaway, you will need to enter your email address in the widget below. Please note this isn’t you entering the giveaway; this is just how we will contact you should you win, so be sure to use the same email address. You do not need to do all of the options listed in the widget, but the more you do, the more entries you will get! The rest of the details are below:

  • Giveaway will run from 12am Feb 1st – 12am Feb 8th
  • Please try to respond in a timely manner. We will be contacting the winners within a day of the giveaway ending
  • If you want to subscribe to our site, please know we use 2 factor authentication. This means once you enter your info on our site, you will need to verify via an email that will be sent to you
  • If you are already a subscriber to our site, be sure to check the box below indicating you are. If you haven’t subscribed yet, be sure to do it!
  • This is a US only giveaway so if you are outside the US, unfortunately we will need to draw another winner

As for the coupon, you will just enter code GOBLINGAZETTE at checkout to get your 20% off. The coupon is good through February 28th! If you have any problems be sure to reach out to SinisterlyCrafty. Good luck everyone!

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  1. How many dice? Somewhere between a bunch and a lot.

  2. I have over a hundred dice after purchasing the Dice by the pound off amazon. I

  3. Green on black is such a gorgous combo. No better for a dice bag ^______^

  4. I’ve got one set of translucent purple dice. Look nice but I don’t think they’re balance properly.

  5. I have over 60 dice!

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