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Hey Folks! Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here to talk about a game I’ve been addicted to this week. Snake Pass

Game Club

Before I get started talking about Snake Pass I wanted to mention something I am starting up. Game Club will be like a book club/except instead of reading you’re playing video games. This month I will be playing Dark Souls 3. I received this in my Humble Monthly Package. I’ve personally subscribed to the bundle for over a year now and I love the constant stream of games I get to try without paying too much. We are now Humble Partners, I highly recommend you check the Monthly deal out, but if interest in supporting us, Use our link get some games, help us, help charity.

Onto The Game

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What The Heck Is Snake Pass

It is a pretty simple concept, You are a snake named Noodle with your hummingbird friend named Doodle. Together you explore all over a wide variety of lands collecting gems, orbs, and coins. You slither and slide your way up poles, over lava, underwater and much more.

You might be wondering, what is the big deal. Collect things, big woop. This game is one of those “easier said than done” type of games.


I don’t know about you, but the last game I got to play as a snake was on my Aunt’s Nokia phone. And seeing as they don’t have legs… they way they move is going to be a little different. But here’s how you snake around. The default controls using an Xbox controller for PC: the right trigger accelerates, the A button lifts the snakes head up, the right stick moves the direction of the snake, and finally, the left trigger allows you to constrict. It is almost like a typical racing control… except your car is a snake.

What I like

The Way You Move

The game challenges you to move in a way you’ve never moved. This alone makes me appreciate the game. With so many games out there its so rare that you come across a mechanic that feels completely foreign, and foreign in a good way.  As you slither if you move back and forth (like a real snake does) you pick up more speed. There has been a trend in games (like goat simulator, Octo-Dad, etc.) where the catch is that it is purposely hard to control. This game is also difficult to control but it feels more refined than some of those games. It feels like its more than a gimmick and a very intentional way to move.

Not Too Much/Not Too little

I love collectible games. The Nintendo Switch shoveled out Odessey and Breath of the Wild, between Shrines, Korok Seeds, Moons, and side quests I am convinced those two games could keep me busy for the next decade. But sometimes grinding out ALL those collectibles doesn’t feel fun after a while.

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Snake Pass has 3 required gems, 20 optional orbs, and 5 optional coins. It is enough to collect that it gives you a fair amount of time on each stage, but it is not so much that you hit the feeling of grinding, just to 100% the level.

Scaly Snakes That Scale

The first few levels are incredibly simple, but given the learning curve of the snake slide, it feels very appropriate. As you go on the levels get appropriately harder. And you are going to fail a TON. But nowhere have I ever felt completely stuck. I know exactly what I need to do, it is just a matter of execution. In a world that chased the Dark Souls Legacy trying to make everything as hard as they can, (I’m looking at you Bennet Foddy)

I really appreciate games that hit the sweet spot of challenging, but not impossible. If you are interested in more recent games that did this as well check out Mr. Shifty and Furi.

Take A Break

I have been waaaay too bogged down in competitive games lately, and sometimes it is nice to take a break, switch it up and play something that just looks adorable and go at your own pace.

As I mentioned before Game club for the month of February, play some Dark Souls 3, jump in the discord and we can chat about it. For the next few months, we will likely just follow whatever Humble’s Early unlock is, and see where it goes.


Cody “Kingblunkers”Allison

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