Stellar Tactics Game Review

Stellar Tactics Game Review

Hello all! My name is FreundOrFoe and today I will be discussing my thoughts on an early access game called Stellar Tactics. This game is basically the love child of No Mans Sky and Dungeons and Dragons, from jumping place to place, fighting monsters, and exploring for cool gadgets. Planet to planet using your very own spacecraft to plot a course and evade or confront other travelers. Solar system to solar system to find a home throughout the vast and ever changing galaxy there is no shortage of what you can do in…


Stellar Tactics is an early access science fiction, top-down, RPG, strategy game created by Maverick Games. If you enjoy games such as Civilization or XCOM then this game should feel right at home. The one caveat being that you may just lose yourself playing this game. Hours upon hours can be put into Stellar Tactics without even scratching the surface. That is because it is a randomly generated galaxy. Literally solar systems upon solar systems are created randomly, each containing their own adventures that will suck you in and never spit you out.

Stellar Tactics


The game starts out with the main character waking up along with three other crew members from cryogenic sleep aboard the Dauntless. A last ark containing the survivors fleeing Earth which has been ravaged by a virus called the Phage. But you are not woken from your induced slumber to use the restroom no… something has gone wrong during the journey, and being the last special forces team you are needed to remedy whatever is causing the problem.

 Beginning Your Game and Character Creation

When selecting New Game in Stellar Tactics the player is brought up to an intermediary screen in which you can create a new galaxy by creating their own load code. This code is for coming back into the pre-made RNG game rather than loading up a new game.

After creating the load code it is now time to create a character! From facial features to skills and passive stats you can make a wide variety of characters. There are two “pools” of skill points to draw from and put into. The first pool is for the passive stats such as strength, dexterity, perception, intelligence. The second pool is for more specific skills that can be put into the new character to have some expertise in. Such as: different weapon types, crafting, hacking, targeting, salvaging, etc… since there is a limited amount of points to use the player must decide what each team member’s specialties will be.

Stellar Tactics

The Battles

Now comes what every player is waiting for, the battles! Just as the Sci-fi game has been described Stellar Tactics is a turn based strategy game. Each player/enemy has an initiative which dictates what the turn order of each encounter will be. The player’s job is as simple as stated, live and kill, easier said than done. With the potential for deadly encounters around every corner, caution will be your best friend.

Stellar Tactics Stellar Tactics Stellar Tactics

What I liked 

The music is just the best, it has the futuristic feel as well as musical timing for when battles commence.

Almost every month there has been some patch or update to further refine and polish the game that it is today. This game is Early Access for a reason. There are bugs and potentially game breaking mechanics that can occur but Stellar Tactics has my respect for not hiding this information from the player. On the home screen there is a note pad explaining the major bugs that have yet to be fixed and ways to get around the problem.

In terms of gameplay Stellar Tactics plays how a turn based strategy game would play as. It feels as if someone found everything that they loved about turn based strategy games and expounded upon it. Having to play in some Sci-fi apocalypse is just icing on the cake.

 What Can Be Improved

Be prepared to do a ton of reading because Stellar Tactics is chock full of lore. There were times where the monitor looks like a pop up virus infected the computer…

Stellar Tactics

Difficult would be the word to use when describing general gameplay. Looking up at the above picture can give a glimpse of how in depth the player’s knowledge needs to be.

Loading times are slow. This is mainly because in certain transitions the game needs to erase what was previously loaded to accommodate for the new material. But there were times when playing that it would take literal minutes to play the game. And for me personally I had to restart the game a few times before I could actually begin to play. My computer is not the best by far, but still.

Final Opinion

This game is an investment. I have full confidence that when the complete game comes out it will be magnificent. As with most turn based games, there is a repetitiveness to it. But if you enjoy these types of strategy games then by all means get this game. It has everything you would want, it just needs to be further polished. Which is what Maverick Games has been doing over the last year. I am excited to see what the final product will be. And how many more hours I will put into Maverick Games product. If you are interested, you can check it out on Steam.
Stellar Tactics


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