Summer Games Done Quick: Speedrunning

Hi friends, Here to talk about and encourage you all to take some of your free time this week and put it towards a good cause.
Its back and as fast and glitchy as always. Games Done Quick. I’ve talked about it before, but let me tell you about some more things relevant to this weeks speedrunning events!

What is GDQ?

I spoke in greater detail about it last go around, but as a short summary. Games Done Quick is a charitable speedrunning event that happens twice a year. People from all over the world all come together for 24/7 constant smashing of games. and speedrunning as a reminder is playing video games and beating them as quickly as possible. Some games allow you to use more glitches than others. And some games have many different categories such as glitchless, 100%, any%, and more.

Why you should care?

Charity! Gamers get to already apply their efforts of something they are passionate about in order to raise money!
Speedrunning has existed for some time now, but with events like GDQ they get do good while crushing video games. This year the efforts will go to Doctors without borders. They provide relief to almost 70 different countries to people who are threatened by violence, armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and more.

How much so far?

Since 2010 GDQ events have raised over $10 million for charity. THATS INSANE. And at the time of writing this the current event has raised $289,000. Its been going since sunday, but trust me donations are going to ramp up they always go.

Games to watch!

some have already passed, and after the event the VODS will be available to go back to, but theres something more entertaining about watching it live, its almost like you can feel the runners pressure more. Some of the games that are “Classic” GDQ highpoints are typically in the Zelda, Megaman, Ratchet & Clank, Mario, and of course Metroid (which caused the whole war of saving or killing the animals)

Some other games that have already been awesome, or that I expect to be awesome are Half-life, Super-Meat Boy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Kingdom Hearts II, and many more. Find the full schedule here. 

If you need more…

If video games and good will to others isn’t enough for you to join in the fun… There are also prizes and giveaways. If you meet certain donation levels and timings you are entered in for prizes. Giving away an XBox, an awesome gaming PC, a PS4, fan made plushes, pearler art, and many more prizes.

Try speedrunning!

Inspired by the last event, i actually did try my hand at speedrunning. Using resources from YouTube and I found a pretty neat guide on one of my favorite games “Shovel Knight”. Casually when i played the game the first time my in game time took me 6 hours to beat the campaign. My first attempt after watching and practicing was at around 4.5 hours. And after much more practice and research i cut my time down to 2 hours. Now it felt amazing to improve myself this much… the world record is about 42 minutes… so i mean. I’m not going to be top performer anytime soon, but it was fun to set my mind to something and greatly improve myself.

Watch, play, and Donate

please participate in someway, its an amazing cause, in an novel way. Get involved in some way. and maybe someday you can thank me when you’re on stage speedrunning your favorite game at GDQ.

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