Tabletop Loot Dice Giveaway

Tabletop Loot Dice Giveaway

Hello everyone and happy Goblin Jubilee! For those who may not know, we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary! In honor of this occasion we are giving away some awesome stuff to thank all of our readers, supporters, and subscribers. We’ve teamed up with Tabletop Loot to bring you 3 sets of dice for our giveaway. Find out the details below!

Tabletop Loot

If you haven’t had a chance, you should definitely check these guys out! Here is a link to their site, where you can find loads of great dice for your games. They’re also on Twitter and Facebook! All of these dice are gorgeous and I kind of want to keep them for myself. But I promised that I’d give them away, so lucky you guys! In addition to the beautiful sets of dice, they also have some mugs to choose from. I know for my D&D group, every get together means a great selection of food and drinks. In fact, at our last session I pulled out some of the mugs from my personal collection to add to the theme, and it was fun! So be sure to check them out if you haven’t! They are really great and we wouldn’t be doing this giveaway without them!

The Dice

Alright, so the dice, lets take a look at them. We are giving away 3 sets, that is right, 3 sets. So now you have a better chance of winning! And to top it off, they are 3 different styles. Here they are:

Rolling Thunder

tabletop loot

Saint’s Relic

tabletop loot

&, my personal favorite, Oil Slick:

tabletop loot

I was going to take my own pictures of them…but Tabletop Loot’s pictures are 10x better than any picture my phone could take. Each of these sets have 7 die: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, & percentile die. Like I said, I personally think Oil Slick looks beautiful, but the reality is, all of these dice are gorgeous. Any self-respecting D&D player knows they need to have the sexiest die at the table, and let me say, these will make you the bell of the ball!

Giveaway Details

Alright so the deets! There are 2 things I need to state beforehand. First, and I hate this so much, we will only be shipping to winners in the US. So if you are outside the US, unfortunately we won’t be able to ship them to you should you win. The cost of shipping is just too much, this is why we need teleportation. Second, we are using Rafflecopter to run this giveaway. In order to even access the giveaway you will need to enter your email address in the widget below. Please note this isn’t you entering the giveaway, this is just how we will contact you should you win. The rest of the details are below, Good luck!

  • Giveaway runs from 12am November 2nd – 12am November 9th
  • Winners will be first come first serve, so if you have a certain set of dice you are wanting, be sure to respond first!
  • We will not be shipping outside the US
  • If you are already a subscriber to our site, be sure to check the box below indicating you are. If you haven’t subscribe yet, be sure to do it!

Good luck!

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120 thoughts on “Tabletop Loot Dice Giveaway

  1. I’m liking the look of the Saint’s relic!

  2. Rolling thunder is definitely my favorite.

  3. Rolling Thunder looks dope.

  4. going to have to go with Oil Slick

  5. I gotta say, those oil dice are pretty slick

  6. Oil slick looks super sweet

  7. Rolling Thunder is AWESOME.

  8. Rolling Thunder looks AWESOME!

  9. Saint’s relic looks pretty sweet.

  10. I agree the oil slick is me favorite.

    1. Its beautiful!

  11. Rolling thunder!

  12. Oil Slick looks so pretty 0.0

  13. Rolling Thunder looks awesome!

  14. Oil slick looks great

  15. Saint relic is my favorite

  16. They all look pretty dang cool, to be honest! But I’m a big fan of anything blue, so I’d say the oil slick looks the slickest!

  17. Cool stuff guys! Appreciate the giveaway. Can’t even pick a favorite since all three are better than plain ol’ black and white!

  18. Rolling Thunder and Oil Slick are killer, but if I had to choose one, Oil Slick all the way.

  19. Oil slick looks absolutely amazing!
    Rolling Thunder is pretty cool too.

  20. Rolling thunder looks great!

  21. Rolling thunder!

  22. I’m loving the Saints Relic! Perfect for my cleric

  23. Oil slick is amazing!

  24. Rolling Thunder, gold on marble looks so nice!

  25. I love the set of saints

  26. They’re all pretty! I think Oil Slick is my favorite tho.

  27. Rolling thunder is the best!

  28. Really excited about oil slick!

  29. I like the rolling thunder and saints relic. Any idea how balanced they are?

    1. I’m no expert on dice. But they seem pretty good

  30. Definitely oil slick for me!

  31. Saint’s Relic looks nice!

  32. The Saints relic is my favorite!!

  33. 0il slick

  34. Oil slick

  35. Rolling thunder is pretty rad, not going to lie.

  36. Rolling Thunder is clearly the best and anyone who says otherwise is rolling Deception

  37. Rolling Thunder looks niceeee

  38. Oil slick definitely looks pretty sweet.

  39. The torol

  40. rolling thunder for suuuure

  41. rolling thunder Looks amazing

  42. Those Oil Slick dice are pretty lit

  43. I like both Rolling Thunder and Oil Slick! Though if I had to choose id
    go Oil Slick

  44. I love the Rolling Thunder set. Also the oil slick set are pretty nice as well!

  45. Oil slick is definitely where it’s at!

  46. Rolling Thunder is awesome

  47. I’m big on those saint dice.

  48. I really like those saint dice.

  49. Roling thunder gotta be my favorite

  50. I think the oil slick is cool but I like the saints set even more.

  51. Oil Slick is ridiculously pretty.

  52. All 3 are pretty nice but man that Rolling Thunder is clearly the nicest. I don’t have a set of dice because I just started and those would definitely be a great starting set

  53. Rolling Thunder all the way!

  54. Oil slick and rolling thunder are a tie for me!

  55. Claro or paladin + saints relic = win!!

  56. Saint’s Relic for my cleric!!

  57. All three look great! But yeah, oil slick is super cool and rolling thunder looks classy.

  58. Rolling thunder is a really nice looking set

  59. I have to say Saint’s Relic is my favorite. They’re so clean, and crisp.

  60. I do love them all but those Rolling Thunders are amazing!

  61. Saint’s Relic is bomb

  62. Oil slick is dope

  63. The Oil Slick dice look sick!

  64. Oil Slick

  65. Rolling Thunder is my jam.

  66. All of them look great, but damn those Oil Slicks are choice.

  67. I’m excited!

  68. Defs rolling thunder.

  69. I really love Saint’s Relic!

  70. Oil slick by far!

  71. Saint’s Relic looks Great!

  72. Rolling Thunder or Oil Slick 10/10 for my Triton

  73. I like Rolling Thunder

  74. Oil Slick or Saint’s Relic. Actually, all 3 look amazing… 🙂

  75. Oil Slick is my jam

  76. Rolling thunder looks sick as hell

  77. Rolling thunder is definitely the best

  78. About to start a new Artificer campaign, hit me with that oil!

  79. Oil slick is stunning!

  80. Rolling Thunder is the way to go.

  81. Oil Slick for sure.

  82. Saints relic looks amazing!

  83. I’m liking the saint’s relic!

  84. Saint’s Relic is my personal favorite!

  85. Looking good! Oil slick is my fave!

  86. I agree, oil slick is one slick looking dice set!

  87. I think the oil slick looks best

  88. The rolling thunder look amazing!

  89. Oil slick, definitely!

  90. I could see myself using Saint’s Relic quite often. Its very nice and would be my fav of the three.

  91. Rolling Thunder looks pretty dope.

  92. All are rad, but if I had to pick, I’d go with Rolling Thunder.

  93. like everybody else, love me some of that oil slick: fingers crossed!

  94. All of the dice are lovely, but I think my favorites are very very faintly the oil slick.

  95. Those Saints ones look sick

  96. I’m torn between Saint’s Reluc and Oil Slick

  97. That oil slick is sexy.

  98. Rolling Thunder is gorgeous!

  99. Rolling thunder

  100. Oil slick, hands down.

  101. Those Look Nice!!!

  102. Liking the Saints Relic!!

  103. The Oil Slicks are just my kind of dice!

  104. These dice look gorgeous!

  105. All 3 are beautiful alas I think your fave may also be mine… Oil slick for the win ☺

  106. I like either the Rolling Thunder or Oil Slick. I already have Saint’s Relic though I wouldn’t be opposed to having more matching dice.

  107. I like the Saint’s Relic looks the best

  108. I can’t choose, they are all beautiful!

  109. I really like the Saint’s Relic set, very different from the overly colorful dice I often see.

  110. loving rolling thunder!

  111. I like RT, then OS, then SR.

  112. Rolling thunder! Gotta love that gold and marble!

  113. Oil slick looks awesome!

  114. Love that rolling thunder set!

  115. I can’t decide between rolling thunder and saints relic for which I like more

  116. I’m really loving Rolling Thunder!

  117. Saints Relic for my Cleric…for SURE, *casts Divine Inspiration*

  118. Hard choice between Oil Slick and Saint’s Relic

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