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Legends of Ellaria: Early Access Review

Legends of Ellaria: Early Access Review Greetings, gamers! Karthas here, and lately we’ve had the amazing opportunity to play some really great games and review them. Today will be no different! We will be reviewing the early access game Legends of Ellaria! You can check it out on Steam if you are interested. Legends of […]

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Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas and more

Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas, and more Hey Friends, Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here to chat about something that I’m very conflicted about. The selling of games before they are ready. This often takes place in the form of one of the following options: Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas (and alpha) and a few other options. Early Access […]

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Review: The Long Dark

Review: The Long Dark Steam recently had a couple of big sales and I took advantage of those sales… big time. I bought way more games that I should have, but unlike many other times, I wasn’t just buying games just because they were on sale. I bought a lot of games that I have […]

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