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Game Review: Hibernation

Game Review: Hibernation Have you ever wanted to be a bear? Have you ever wondered what a bear has to go through in order to prepare for hibernation? Or how bears compete with each other in order to survive? Well, this game scientifically won’t tell you about any of that, but it is a fun […]

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Holiday Game Guide

Holiday Game Guide It’s that time of year, everybody! The Holiday season is upon us! Break out the decorations, put another log on the fire, and get ready for shopping! Here at the Goblin Gazette, we wanted to make a holiday game guide for those of you who are looking to buy something for your special little […]

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Deep Ones Game Review

Deep Ones Game Review Deep Ones is a retro-style platformer, where you play as The Diver. The Diver is trying to find his submarine, which has been taken by the Big Red Octopus. As The Diver, you must fight your way through the scary, yet visually appealing, ocean depths to get back your submarine. You […]

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Mario Music – Music in Games Part 3

Mario Music – Music in Games Part 3 HELLO! Back to Part 3 of our discussion on music in video games, Specifically diving in to the many great examples that Nintendo’s Main-Man Mario has been stomping Goomba’s to for as long as most of us can remember. We’ve covered the NES/SNES era, and last time […]

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Two Rooms and a Boom Review

Two Rooms and a Boom Review Party games are so much fun! There is nothing like getting a group of friends together and playing some awesome board or card games. My group of friends especially like the hidden roles and deduction games. We always have a blast playing these types of games, from Resistance to One Night: […]

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