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Interview: Arkon

Hello friends! KINGBLUNKERS here! Today I chat with Casey Hill, founder of The Hill Game Company. Casey and his team are just one week away from launching a Kickstarter campaign for their very first game, Arkon. Read up more on the game itself at their page http://arkongame.com/ Very pleased to have the opportunity to talk to […]

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Bushido Breaker Game Review

Bushido Breaker Game Review Greetings everyone! Today we have a review of a fun game on Kickstarter called Bushido Breaker. Bushido Breaker is a strategic tabletop game of deception and deduction. You play as either a Ninja who sets out to assassinate the Shogun or as a Samurai who must defeat the Ninja and protect […]

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Barpig party game review

BaRPiG Party Game Review

BaRPiG Board Game Review Greetings all you wonderful people! Karthas here and today we are going to talk about a very fun game we found on Kickstarter, BaRPiG. If you are looking for a game that combines the fun of Quelf and strategy of Munchkin, then you have to check this game out! Be sure […]

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Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas and more

Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas, and more Hey Friends, Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here to chat about something that I’m very conflicted about. The selling of games before they are ready. This often takes place in the form of one of the following options: Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas (and alpha) and a few other options. Early Access […]

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Calling All Makers

Are you a Maker? Today, I want to write as a self-proclaimed “maker” to other Makers. I’m talking to all you artists, painters, sculptors. To all you, musicians, singers, producers. To movie makers, designers, chefs, inventors and many other creatively focused hobbies and professions. This is as much as a reminder to me, that I […]

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