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Planet Nomads Review

Planet Nomads Review Hello everyone! My name is FreundOrFoe and today I will be reviewing an early access game on Steam called Planet Nomads. An open world, sandbox that focuses on crafting, survival, and exploration. If Astroneer and No Mans Sky had a love child Planet Nomads would be it. I really enjoyed playing this […]

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Stellar Tactics Game Review

Stellar Tactics Game Review Hello all! My name is FreundOrFoe and today I will be discussing my thoughts on an early access game called Stellar Tactics. This game is basically the love child of No Mans Sky and Dungeons and Dragons, from jumping place to place, fighting monsters, and exploring for cool gadgets. Planet to […]

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Highrisers Video Game Review

Highrisers Review   We have had many opportunities lately to review a lot of great and wonderful games. We recently received Highrisers, which is described on their kickstarter page as “a pixel-styled 2D build-and-explore urban survival-RPG.” Sign me up! Now the game that I played is only a demo, so there were a lot of […]

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Extra Life: Play Games. Heal Kids.

Extra Life: Play Games. Heal Kids. Hello my fellow nerds! The guys at The Goblin Gazette have an announcement to make, so I thought I would start it off on this post. Drum roll please… We wanted to let all of you know that we will be raising money through Extra Life to support kids […]

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Countdown

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War I remember when Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor came out a few years back. It had been forever since I was truly excited about a video game coming out. I was a kid all over again waiting for Christmas morning. I did research, I watched videos, and I counted down the days […]

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