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Snake Pass

Hey Folks! Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here to talk about a game I’ve been addicted to this week. Snake Pass Game Club Before I get started talking about Snake Pass I wanted to mention something I am starting up. Game Club will be like a book club/except instead of reading you’re playing video games. This month […]

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Highrisers Video Game Review

Highrisers Review   We have had many opportunities lately to review a lot of great and wonderful games. We recently received Highrisers, which is described on their kickstarter page as “a pixel-styled 2D build-and-explore urban survival-RPG.” Sign me up! Now the game that I played is only a demo, so there were a lot of […]

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Destiny 2 Reveal

Hello all! Karthas here to talk about the Destiny 2 reveal. So let’s get to it! The Classes First of all the gameplay looks awesome! We are getting 3 new subclasses! Dawnblade – summons a flaming sword and hurls flaming death upon your enemies Sentinel – Summons a void shield and straight up channels Captain America Arcstrider […]

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Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas and more

Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas, and more Hey Friends, Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here to chat about something that I’m very conflicted about. The selling of games before they are ready. This often takes place in the form of one of the following options: Early Access, Pre-orders, Betas (and alpha) and a few other options. Early Access […]

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LAN Party

Hello Friends! Cody “KINGBLUNKERS” Allison back for a very fun topic that I am very passionate about for gamers everywhere, the Lan Party! LAN Parties I decided to write about this because I actually just hosted one this past weekend with some dear friends of mine. If your childhood video game experience was anything like […]

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