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Two Rooms and a Boom Review

Two Rooms and a Boom Review Party games are so much fun! There is nothing like getting a group of friends together and playing some awesome board or card games. My group of friends especially like the hidden roles and deduction games. We always have a blast playing these types of games, from Resistance to One Night: […]

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Pandemic Board Game Review

Pandemic Review Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of team based board games where you and the other players are working together against the game itself. I recently did a review on Forbidden Island, which is an awesome team game. This time around though, I will be reviewing the international award-winning board game, Pandemic! Pandemic […]

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Forbidden Island Review

 Forbidden Island Review A while back, the Goblin Gazette trio played and recorded Forbidden Island. This is such a fun game and is really easy to learn. We had a lot of fun this weekend playing it, relaxing, enjoying good company, and the beginning of the weekend. It was supposed to be a test run […]

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Dungeons and Dragons 10 Mistakes New Players Make

10 Mistakes New Dungeons and Dragons Players Make

10 Mistakes New Dungeons And Dragons Players Make Greetings everyone! Karthas here and today I wanted to talk about Dungeons and Dragons. Recently I went over the mistakes that every new Dungeon Master makes, but today I’d like to talk about the mistakes that I see a lot of new players make. I’ve introduced a […]

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Weekend Gaming!

Weekend Gaming! So this weekend was one of the best weekends I had in a long time. I geeked out all weekend, and it was fantastic! Back to back video games, dungeons and dragons, and hanging out with awesome friends. It was such a great weekend, I wanted to share it with all of you […]

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