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Planet Nomads Review

Planet Nomads Review Hello everyone! My name is FreundOrFoe and today I will be reviewing an early access game on Steam called Planet Nomads. An open world, sandbox that focuses on crafting, survival, and exploration. If Astroneer and No Mans Sky had a love child Planet Nomads would be it. I really enjoyed playing this […]

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Deep Ones Game Review

Deep Ones Game Review Deep Ones is a retro-style platformer, where you play as The Diver. The Diver is trying to find his submarine, which has been taken by the Big Red Octopus. As The Diver, you must fight your way through the scary, yet visually appealing, ocean depths to get back your submarine. You […]

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Hex Game Review

Hex Game Review Do you love puzzle games? Brain teasers? Or maybe you’re more of a simple, straight forward kind of gamer? Do you love going from level to level with increasing difficulty and obstacles? Well I have the game just for you! Try out the game Hex, created by indie game developer Studio Goya. […]

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Mario Music in Games Part 2 – Music in Videogames

Greetings! Welcome back to part two of our Look at Mario and his music! Last time, we talked about Mario’s music during the SNES/NES era. Today we keep chugging along the timeline to the time of the Nintendo 64 Super Mario 64 (1996) This is one of the best “must play games” of all time. […]

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Mario Music through time Part 1 – Music in Games

Whats up guys, Cody “Kingblunkers” Allison here with part 2 of our music in video games discussion. I originally planned on this being a 3 part series, where this article would cover a multitude of games, but there is just waaaay too much good stuff to talk about. So I’m going to stretch this out and talk […]

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