The Last Jedi Trailer Review

Greetings everybody, as many of you have probably heard, The Last Jedi trailer dropped recently! Let me so I am so excited for this new series in the Star Wars universe and I am looking forward to seeing everything else they have in store for us. The Last Jedi will be hitting theaters on December 15th 2017!

The Last Jedi Plot

As it stands we don’t have a lot of information on the story of The Last Jedi, but we do know a few things. Rey will be training with Luke as she learns to control the Force. Luke seems to have become disenchanted with the teachings of the Jedi, or has realized something that makes him question the teachings of the Jedi. And Kylo Ren and the First Order will not let the destruction of Starkiller base disrupt their plans.

The scenery looks fantastic!

The Trailer

Alright so lets get to the trailer. From what we can see, Luke is training Rey and she seems to be getting much more powerful.  The first scene in the trailer is a bit strange, we see Rey gasping for air and she is sweating. Next we hear Luke walking Rey through an exercise as she reaches out in the Force. She says she sees “Light, Darkness, a Balance”, to which Luke replies “it is so much bigger”. We then see Rey training with a lightsaber.

We get a shot of the other characters from the series including Finn who is still healing up, Poe and BB8 as their ship gets destroyed, Kylo Ren with his lightsaber and sporting a new scar, Luke and R2D2 looking on as, what I can only assume to be the Jedi temple, burns, and finally a large space battle between the Alliance and the First Order. The trailer is filled with action and leaves more questions than answers! I just wish December would get here already!

What is this red dust for?

Balance of the Force

It was so cool hearing Luke again after so many years, I actually got chills! Our intrepid hero who started it all is finally back, and frankly I’m looking forward to seeing just how powerful he has become. He seems to have had quite the change of heart claiming “the Jedi must end” but this scene could very well be taken out of context since we don’t know what he was responding to. As Rey reaches out she say she sees “The Light, Darkness, the Balance.” Luke’s response is very interesting as he replies with “its so much bigger.”

The new series really seems to be pushing a balance between the Light and the Dark which is different from the past. Under George Lucas, a Balance in the Force meant the Light prevailed and the Darkness died off. But under Disney, they really seem to be pushing that Light and Dark and two sides to the same coin.

How romantic

Rey’s Training

At first, I thought the first scene with Rey gasping for air seem like she was being force choked! While it is more likely that she had some sort of vision or is exhausted from her training, it was still a very interesting scene to start the trailer off with. Rey reaching out with the Force as Luke walks her through it is very reminiscent of Yoda walking Luke through the same exercise in The Empire Strikes back. And if their is one thing we know about Star Wars, the series likes to follow the same arcs, so I would not be surprised if Rey leaves her training early to go save her friends.

Rey doesn’t look to happy

The First Order is out for Revenge

The First Order doesn’t seem to be taking the destruction of Starkiller base sitting down. We get a shot of some ragtag B-Wings flying toward AT-ATs in the distance, as well as a shot of a conflict between the First Order and the Alliance in space. Kylo is back with his fancy lightsaber and his scar is quite prominent. The scene of R2D2 and Luke looking on as the Jedi Temple burns is very interesting as well. This seems to be from a scene in The Force Awakens where Luke places his hand on R2D2.


Final Thoughts

To put it simply, I cannot wait for this movie to come out! I’m really enjoying the world building Disney is doing with Star Wars. The trailer doesn’t answer many questions, but it shouldn’t otherwise it would take away from the movie. So keep your eyes peeled as I am sure more information will be slipping out as December draws near. So what questions are you hoping to be answered in The Last Jedi? Please leave your comments below, and remember to subscribe to our blog if you haven’t yet!

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