The Red Front Game Review

The Red Front Game Review

Hello Everyone! My name is Sam Freund AKA FreundOrFoe, and I am another (hopefully positive) addition to The Goblin Gazette crew. Today I will be reviewing The Red Front by 10ft Games. The Red Front is a wave by wave, top-down, survival shooter with added objectives to add a little spice in the mix. Reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac in play style, with an aerial view of your character as you kill the opposition while avoiding enemy fire to survive.

The Red Front




You play as a Soviet tank in World War II that has been recently modified with the latest tech to combat Germany and their Blitzkrieg offensive. From escorting Cargo Trucks, protecting Russian citizens as they escape, to just surviving the onslaught that is the German Army, your objective is to push back the German offensive and bring the fight back to Hitler himself! 


Each level has multiple waves of enemies for you to combat and ultimately survive against including Nazis with RPGs, Jeeps, Tanks, and Planes. You need to maneuver and destroy everything before the Nazis destroy you… The controls of the tank work just as you would expect it to, the up and down keys are your forward and back movements while left and right turns the tank, you have a boost function that allows you to speed up to either close the gap or escape those rough encounters.

Thankfully if you get a little banged up in a few fights you have a decent health pool and a regenerative shield to help keep you on your feet. As you continue to play enemies will occasionally drop useful items such as health, shields, bombs, and weapon upgrades.  From starting with a machine gun to literally shooting a laser beam, this tank is the last thing you would want standing between you and your objective.

The Red Front


What I Liked

Upgrades are always a must in this video game genre and the reward system in this game is spot on. It is lenient, giving out rewards to the player so that when you do get a drop it is something that was earned. These drops have the potential to save you in the heat of battle. But be careful, these drops do not last forever.

I really enjoyed the shield regeneration cool-down/timer, if you took damage you would lose your shields first before your health. But after avoiding enemy fire for a few seconds you slowly regain your shields back.

The ability to LITERALLY BE A TANK is so much fun! Bushes, trees, enemies and allies do not stop you from getting from one point to another. You can run them over with little to no difficulties. It is important to note that you can, and probably will, run over a few of your own men in the process. Thankfully you do have a lot of room to move around so if you are tactical you can avoid these novice mistakes.

The music throughout the campaign was just amazing, helping create tension and excitement through sound made me, the player, feel invested in what I was playing.

The Red Front


What Can Be Improved

The Red Front is difficult and can be repetitive. You fight about ten waves of enemies in the first few levels but there is a definite jump in difficulty between each wave. Be prepared to re-attempt the same level a few times.

The visuals in the game made me feel like I was playing a flash game at times. You see some repetitive images including landscape to enemies. There is not a ton of variety.

The gun leveling system is a tad… Wonky? You are basically leveling up your gun speed as is indicated in the drops that you get from your kills. But after so many upgrades, it switches you to a different gun that needs to be upgraded all over again. Most times it is not as good as the fully upgraded gun you had before. This “upgrade” in weaponry has caused my own demise a few times and can be rather frustrating.

There were a few levels where I ignored the weapon upgrades. I would simply get the max speed on a weapon and win using that gun. This weapon upgrade system can discourage the player from getting the final weapon, the laser beam! You are essentially putting yourself at a disadvantage to get it.

Final Thoughts

For a five dollar game on Steam it’s pretty fun. I found myself playing this game a lot over the week and really enjoyed the simple yet challenging premise. But be prepared for multiple attempts on certain levels. And gaming fatigue can definitely follow due to its repetitive nature.  Overall The Red Front is a great game if you just want to blow off some steam and unwind! So if this style of game interests you then go get it!

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