The Resistance Review

Hello and welcome back my friends! I’m sure many of you got some great gifts over the holidays. If you’re anything like me you probably got some board games and some video games. I thought it would be a great idea to review some of the games that I got. So today we will be reviewing The Resistance! This game is sure to pit your party goers against each other as they accuse, bluff, and deceive their way into victory.


The idea behind the resistance is pretty simple. A group of people are trying to overthrow an evil government, this group is called the Resistance. But some spies working for the evil government have infiltrated the resistance and seek to undermine their operations. The Resistance are the good guys, spies are the bad guys. As the Resistance your goal is to weed out the spies thus completing 3 successful missions. As the Spies, it is your goal to appear as a loyal member of the Resistance and cause 3 mission failures, or cause enough mistrust that a team is not able to be selected for a mission. The game is broken up into three phases: The Team Building Phase, Voting Phase, and Mission Phase.

The game can be played by 5-10 people and takes about 15-30 minutes to complete depending on how many people you have and how much discussion takes place.

Getting started

To get the game started you will need to determine how many Spy and Resistance character cards you need to shuffle together (can be determined by a chart in the manual). Once this is done, everybody will close their eyes, the spies will open theirs to see each other then close them again. Once this is done, everybody can open their eyes again.

Team Building Phase

At this point, someone will become the Team Leader (random) and they will put together a team for a mission. The number of people on the team is dependent upon the number of players and the mission. This is shown on the mission cards in the picture below.


All the pieces included in the game

Voting Phase

Once the team has been assembled everybody will vote on whether or not they approve of the team. If the team is approved they proceed to the mission phase, but if the team is vetoed then the leadership moves to the next person and they will assemble a team, and so on until a team is approved or  the teams are vetoed five times in a row in a single round, then the spies win.

Mission Phase

At this point the team will “go on a mission”. This means they are given 2 cards, one that reads “success” another that reads “failure”. If you are a Resistance member you will always vote success, but if you are a Spy you can choose between “success” or “failure”. The team members will turn in their cards and the team leader will reveal the cards, after shuffling of course! If there is a single failure, the mission fails. But if they are all successes then the mission was a success. After this you will go back to the Team Building Phase.

How to Win

As I mentioned before, the game is over when one of 3 conditions is met:

  1. 3 missions have ended in success (Resistance win)
  2. 3 missions have ended in failure (Spy win)
  3. In 1 Team building phase round, there are 5 team rejections (Spy win)

Thoughts on the game

When I first started playing, the game seemed very simplistic, but as I played more I began to understand the strategy behind it. Believe me, there is a lot of strategy in this game. As a Spy you want to try and make others look like a Spy by choosing when to fail a mission. For example, when we played we would have 2 people on the first mission. If I was sent on it, I would choose to succeed. Then I would convince everyone to put the same people on the next mission, which required 3 people, then I would fail it. This makes the new person look suspicious since the mission failed once they were added.

As a Resistance member you have to pay close attention to what everybody does. When does someone reject a mission, who do they choose to go on a mission, what missions fail with them on it, and most importantly, are they accusing others?

Final Notes

Overall I really enjoyed The Resistance. The game can be difficult to understand on your first play through but by the second game you’ll begin to understand how to play. By your third and fourth play through you’ll feel confident and begin to speak out. If your interested, you can pick up the game here on Amazon

Well that is it for today! Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great day!



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