Top 5 Video Games soon to be released!

I think the last time I was really excited about a video game release was Shadow of Mordor, and before that game, I don’t even remember. For some reason, gaming has not been a serious part of my life for a while now. It was only until recently that I started to get that gaming itch again, so I started to do some research on up and coming games. There is some good stuff out there and more on the way. It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, with a lot of original ideas and crazy technology! So I decided that for one of my first blog posts, I would write about some awesome, soon to be released video games!

#5: Sniper Elite 4 (Release date: February 14, 2017)

Publisher and Developer: Rebellion Developments.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One.

Ahh memories! Every time I play a Sniper Elite game, I’m reminded of playing the original back in middle school. We would hang out in my friend’s basement, pig out on Doritos and Mountain Dew, and see who could get the longest headshot. About 11 years later, I’m still a fan, and I cannot wait for the fourth to come out. Both the second and third games are great (in preparation for Sniper Elite 4, I recently bought the third game during a Steam sale). The hero of the fourth game is Karl Fairbourne, who is fighting in Italy during 1943.

The game promises larger maps which gives you more freedom to plan and strategize your stealth attacks. You will also be facing smarter enemy soldiers this time around. AI will pick up on your strategic patterns and enemy officers will also give commands to hunt you down. Another interesting addition to the game is being able to use your binoculars to range your shots, making it easier to account for gravity when taking out those long distance targets. There will also be cooperative gameplay, for both the campaign and multiplayer games.

#4: Crackdown 3 (Release date: 2017)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios.

Developer: Reagent Games/Sumo Digital/Cloudgine.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.

Crackdown 2, in my humble opinion, had so much potential. I loved the idea of being this super cop that ran around in a city and laid waste to criminals via gun or fists or vehicle. I also loved the abilities that your character had, and as you leveled up your abilities, you could visibly notice your character improving in those stats. Despite all of that, I feel that it fell short of its full potential. I wanted a longer campaign story, destroy the city, and be able to customize my character to be super-fast, or really good at driving, or whatever.

But if you played the game enough, you could eventually max out your abilities. All of them. To me, that’s no fun. I wanted to play multiplayer with my friends and have specific roles and strengths as we destroy the city and take on bad guys.

Crackdown 2 was a good game, but it felt shallow. I wanted more. So when I heard about Crackdown 3 coming out in 2017, I had to do some research. It sounds like there will be much more to this sandbox game than its predecessor, including a totally destructible world. Check out the YouTube video. The creator of Crackdown 3, Dave Jones, can explain the technical part of it better than I can. Basically, they are using the Cloud to allow for mass city destruction across the map. Can Crackdown 3 deliver? I sure hope so!

#3: Halo Wars 2 (Release date: February 21, 2017)

Publisher: Microsoft Studios.

Developer: 343 Studios/Creative Assembly.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.

When I first played the original Halo Wars, I was so disappointed. I was such a huge Halo fan and to see this game be taken in a totally different style of game play was too much for me to handle. Eventually, I came around and actually really enjoy playing it, especially playing with my friends against the legendary AI. And now, with Halo Wars 2 coming out in February, it promises to bring real-time strategy back on the map for consoles. HW2 takes place after the battles of Halo Wars and right after the events of Halo 5.

It features a full campaign as well as different multiplayer games. The three different multiplayer game types are domination, stronghold, and blitz. Domination mode is all about capturing control points and gaining resources from those points. Stronghold allows the player to use a large amount of resources and all the tech tiers are unlocked at the same time, which allows for faster and more aggressive gameplay. Little is known about the third mode, Blitz, but it apparently has the potential to be an exciting and unique game mode. The two playable factions are the UNSC and the Banished. Each faction offers different units and leaders with different abilities and powers. Units can then be combined in creative ways to buff each other and make each other stronger in battle.

The game takes place on the Ark, the birthplace of all the halos, allowing for a wide variety of awesome maps. There is also the possibility that the game will have progression and awards outside of matches, as well as individual unit upgrades in each individual game.

#2: For Honor (Release date: February 14, 2017)

Publisher: Activision.

Developer: Raven/Certain Affinity/Beenox.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One.

I am really excited for this game! For Honor looks insanely tense and nerve-racking. There will be a strong campaign as well as different multiplayer modes. The story of the campaign is that there was a great disaster that pretty much destroyed the world. The ones that survived became three factions: the Knights, the Vikings, and the Samurai, who now fight against each other.

What really makes this game unique is the intense fighting style and squaring off against your opponent. Rather than being a normal third person hack and slash type game, the fighting stances allow for a type of strategic, planned attack style. By matching your opponent’s fighting stance (left, right, or high on the right analog stick) you can block and parry their incoming attacks, and vice versa. This makes for a deadly, brutal dance where if you make one small misstep, instead of stepping on your partner’s toe, you get an axe to the face.

Expect A Challenge

There seems to be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the fighting, using the analog stick to not only block your opponent but to guide your own attacks. There are three multiplayer modes: Dominion, Duel, and Brawl. Dominion is a 4v4 battle where each team scores points by killing enemies, capturing critical areas, and holding those areas for a certain amount of time. When a team finally reaches 1000 points, the opposing team will “break”, meaning they can no longer respawn until they recapture areas or kill opponents. A team will win by killing the last opponent on a broken team. Duel is the second multiplayer game. This mode is pretty straight forward: an intense 1v1 three-round fight to the death.

The last game, Brawl, is 2v2. It is a three-round battle where each player spawns at different points on the map. There are no respawns, so a team wins when the last opponent is defeated. February cannot come soon enough!

#1: Prey (Release date: 2017)

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks.

Developer: Arkane Studios.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One.

It is the year 2032. You are on the space station, Talos I, which is orbiting the moon. Your character’s name is Morgan Yu (who can be played as either man or woman). Morgan is a part of an experiment that was supposed to help the human race, but instead went horribly wrong. On top of that, Talos I has been overrun by aliens. Morgan has to find out about his own past and the experiments that were done to him/her, as well as find out what the aliens are doing on the station. Talos I will be a continuous map where there will be no levels or missions. Instead, the player will have the whole station to explore, sometimes having to go back through places that have already been visited.

You will also be able to space walk and find shortcuts to other parts of the station. Morgan will have a wide variety of weapons and resources at his disposal. These can be used and constructed in creative ways to fight off the aliens. The aliens seem to all be different and unique from each other. One alien has the ability to transform into everyday objects (like a chair) making anything and everything a possible enemy in disguise.

Sounds Familiar

This brings to mind games like Alien Isolation and Dead Space, which were great, creepy, survival space games. You will also be able to upgrade your character using alien DNA to strengthen your abilities. But by doing so, you might encounter certain problems like turrets mistaking you as an unfriendly alien. With a wonderful combination of uniqueness and similar qualities from other great games, this space survival game is my number one pick!  

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