Video Game Review: War Tech Fighters (WTF)

Review: War Tech Fighters

Ever since the release of Pacific Rim I have had this dream of piloting my own massive mech and destroying whatever comes my way. Now War Tech Fighters is here to satisfy that want in every way.

Hello All! FreundOrFoe here with my last game review and today I will be reviewing War Tech Fighters (WTF). An early access Action game on Steam that puts you, the player into a ” War Tech” to help the Hebos and Ares rebel colonies fight the space empire called Zatros. Developed by Drakkar Dev  a small Game development company who also created Clash of Puppets, Monkey Boxing, and Guardians: the Last Day of the Citadel. This game is for the Gundam fans, those who played Zone of the Enders would have just a blast playing War Tech Fighters.


Beginning Your Game

When first starting out you the player have the ability to pick between 3 different types of War Techs.

Hawk-Built for speed.

Rhino-Built for power.

Lynx- Built as the balance between the other two.

No matter which War Tech you choose from you will always have a Machine gun for your light attack. Additionally you will have heavy artillery for more bite to your hits, a shield to protect yourself from the Zatros onslaught. And best of all a sick sword to cut down any ship that gets too close to your Tech. That is right, you did not misread there, you can literally cut down your opponent with your sword!! Not only that but the developer even put in a multitude of executions that you will preform when finishing your foe!  The War Tech you choose will conform to any play style of your choosing because as you progress through the game you can customize almost everything on your mech. From the color of the ship to how it moves through space. What you imagine can most certainly be done.



Time for the Action

Traveling through space and fighting the enemy is exactly what you would expect. The controls take a minute to get used to and the enemies will feel no sympathy towards the learning curve of figuring out where Zatros’s army is coming from since enemies will be coming in at literally every direction. But learning the controls won’t take long and in no time you will be dishing out the damage rather than taking it.

Features of the Game

Control A Fully Equipped War Tech – Destroy your enemies in long-range combat with guns and missiles, or get up close and personal to slice and dice the enemy with swords and shields.

Customization – thousands of combinations of parts, weapons and colors to truly stand out in the war.

Upgrades – Three base robot sets that each have specific bonuses, and at least a hundred upgradable robot parts.

Research – Find and Develop new upgrades to enhance your War Tech and develop weapons ranging from missile launchers to space cannons.

Level Up – Gain experience through battles to level up your War Tech. Pilot and gain improved attack or defense bonuses.

Simulator Bridge – Train your War Tech by replaying missions, or take on special Challenges to gain experience and additional upgrades to improve your machine.

Survival Mode – Test yourself to the limit in an onslaught survival mode arena, and walk away with special upgrades and bragging rights.


What Liked

CUSTOMIZATION!!!! ooh man! You can customize just about anything you want on your War tech, I absolutely love this. Everyone wants to feel like they made something that is completely unique and with War Tech Fighter it has been made possible.

It really feels like this game was created with the genuine intention to make a good Gundam game. This genre of Mech Warrior games is just to sparse to have any variety. This game has done wonders to this genre introducing me and hopefully others to this niche.

What Can Be Improved

Voice acting- Its could be better. It can be difficult to immerse yourself when someone is trying to give me instructions on what to do, but the voice acting is a bit weak. It is by no means game breaking but it just through me off guard. Clearly Drakkar Dev are no strangers to quality, but the voice acting can be improved.

Final Thoughts

Before War Tech Fighters I did not know this game genre even existed. Now after playing this game I doubt I’ll ever stop trying to look for more of what this game gave to me. I can’t say much else but get this game end experience the fun of cutting a ship in half mid battle.


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