Weekend Gaming!

Weekend Gaming!

So this weekend was one of the best weekends I had in a long time. I geeked out all weekend, and it was fantastic! Back to back video games, dungeons and dragons, and hanging out with awesome friends. It was such a great weekend, I wanted to share it with all of you in this blog post! So here you go my Weekend Gaming story!

Steam Sale

Weekend Gaming Steam logo

For those of you who don’t know, there is a Steam Sale going on right now. It lasts until July 5th, so if you are just hearing about this, you have time. I made sure to take advantage of the sale. Now, I tried to make sure I didn’t spend too much money this time around, but I did buy three games and played a little of all three.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Witcher games, especially Wild Hunt. Unfortunately, I have never played any of these games, but I am super excited to play this one. I got it for half price ($25). This is a story rich RPG type game where you play monster hunter Geralt of Rivia. You have been given the task to find a child that is connected to a prophecy. On your adventure, you will fight and slay monsters, upgrade and customize weapons and armor, and explore the large open world full of forgotten ruins and treasures. Unfortunately, I have been so busy, I haven’t been able to really sit down and play this yet. The reviews on the store page of Steam are overwhelmingly positive though, so check it out!


Weekend Gaming Neuro Voider

I recently watched Penny Arcade play the first 15 minutes of this game. It looked awesome and pretty simple to pick up, so I bought it on sale ($8.39). This is an independent action RPG game where you play as a brain that takes a robot for a ride. This game is a top-down shooter that gets pretty intense at times. Along the way you collect the remains of enemy robots that you destroy and you can customize your personal robot with those parts.

You have three robot types to choose from: the dasher, the gunner, and the tank. The dasher moves super quick and relies heavily on melee combat. The gunner can shoot aggressively and relies heavily on the guns you pick up. The tank can take a ton of damage and launch big missiles, relying heavily on drawing attention of enemies and using a shield to block attacks. It is super easy to pick up and can be played with up to four other people. Not a bad buy.

Gang Beasts

This game was a bit of a disappointment, but I did kind of take a risk. It’s an early-access fighting game that can have up to four people fighting each other as rag-doll, gelatinous characters dressed in funny costumes. It looks so funny and goofy I had to buy it (on sale for $13.39). Unfortunately, I haven’t played it yet on any kind of multiplayer, and I feel that is where this game really shines. I only played against AI, and it wasn’t that great. Still goofy, but I think the real potential for this game would be a LAN or even multiplayer with friends. All that being said, I plan on suggesting this one at the next LAN party.

Saturday LAN Party

On Saturday, KingBlunkers hosted a LAN party at his house. We played for about 9 hours and it was epic! During that time we played some awesome games, hung out and caught up with a lot of great friends, ate, drank, and had a merry time.

We also played several video games.

Rocket League

This game is a classic at every one of our LAN parties. Just your standard soccer game with racing cars. Super fun. Super popular. This game really took off and everyone loves to play it. Unfortunately, this game takes a lot of skill. We are all terrible at this game, except KingBlunkers, who is the deciding factor in the game. If Blunkers is on your team, you are going to win. If you’re playing against him, you just try not to get shut out. It’s really rather impressive. I didn’t win a single game that night, but I still  had a blast!

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop

Weekend Gaming Reactive Drop

This game is free and it is way more fun then I was expecting. It looks and plays very well, especially for being free. This is a top-down tactical shooter game where you and your squad fight aliens and try to complete all level objectives. There are different types of players to play, from heavy gunner to medic. Each character has special abilities and equipment that they can use. I had never played it before, and after a few practice rounds, I started to get the hang of it. Our biggest group was 6 people, so we split our squad into two fire teams, point and rear.

The level of communication and strategy was amazing. I love games where there’s a bit of role-playing in team strategy. Did we really need to split the fire team and communicate and shout out tactics to each other? Probably not. But that made it a lot more fun and it actually helped us complete the levels. This game was absolutely worth it. It was simple and a ton of fun. Totally worth it! And did I say it was free?

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This is another one of our favorites and is pretty popular among gamers. We also did a stream of this game not too long ago. There is one person who has the bomb and must communicate to his team what the bomb looks like. The others can not see the bomb, but instead have a manual that they must look at while listening to the disarm-er describe the bomb.

There are several little puzzles on the bomb that must be solved in order to disarm the bomb. Each person with a manual must look up the puzzle and try to figure out the puzzle and communicate back to the disarm-er how to solve the puzzle. If you are successful, the bomb is disarmed. If not, the bomb explodes, blowing up the disarm-er. It is so much fun and can be a super intense game.  

Spaceteam (Board Game)

I also wrote a review on this game. If you want a description of the game, check it out here. We played a few rounds with 6 people on the most difficult setting. It was tough, we couldn’t beat it but came close every time. It can be a super hectic game, with a lot of shouting and confusion trying to explain what you need in order to fix your malfunctions.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Weekend Gaming Ultimate Chicken Horse

This was the first time I ever played this game, and it was surprisingly fun. This is a party platformer game where it’s a race to the finish line. Along the way, in the beginning of each round, you build obstacles and traps to prevent others from reaching the goal line. But be careful, you might fall for your own trap. It was so much fun being a jerk in this game. Setting up traps and obstacles in such a way where nobody can make it is so satisfying. We played this game at the end of the night as things were winding down, and it was perfect. It was simple and fun and easy for everyone to pick up and play. The perfect party video game.

Sunday DnD Game

Weekend Gaming Dungeons & Dragons logo

On Sunday, Karthas hosted and was Dungeon Master for a Dungeons and Dragons game where myself and three other good friends played for 6 hours. No regrets. Once again, we brought plenty of food and drink to satisfy a small army and joked around and laughed the whole campaign.

Playing a Druid

This was the first time that I had ever played as a druid and, at level 3, it was awesome! I normally play as a ranger or rogue type character. I am not a huge fan of magic characters; the spells can be overwhelming for me. But the druid was so cool because I could change into an awesome animal and, while in human form, I had a lot of great spells that I had selected. At first, I wasn’t use to the character and I did feel a bit overwhelmed with all the spells and abilities the druid could do. I got the hang of it after a bit and dominated.

At one point in the game, I was a brown bear and had to communicate information to my teammates. However, since I was a bear, I couldn’t talk. So I had to use charades in order to communicate to my teammates what I thought we should do. It was hilarious and a totally goofy role-playing moment, but I don’t think I’m going to forget that one any time soon.  

Epic Adventure

Karthas did an amazing job DM-ing. Our story was completely made up and the world he created was his own. He even came up with his own gods for this world he created. We (the players) came up with our own personal backstory for our own characters and how we all came together. Karthas created this awesome history of this world, and how there are these “jedi”-like guardians and “sith”-like bad guys who have waged war against each other for thousands of years.

In the story, both of these groups are basically extinct, with a few exceptions. Along the way, we meet up with one of the good “jedi” and basically find out that the bad “jedi” are trying to regain power. We also helped fight off an army of goblins from destroying the city we were staying in. We all started at level 3, because it’s more fun than level 1. For the first time in a while, I think we have a good group of players who enjoy the game and are committed.  

Newbies and Vets

This game was so much fun, mainly because we had a wide skill range of people playing. Karthas is a veteran dungeon master, so he did great. I also consider myself to be a veteran player. There were two guys who have played here and there, but aren’t experts (they love to play though) and then there was one guy who had never played before and was so excited! It was such a fun time watching him play for the first time, and he honestly probably knew more than me about the game because he did so much research beforehand. We all had such a great time!

The whole reason why I wrote this blog was to inspire anyone who reads it to go and hangout with friends or family. Go and do something nerdy with your friends. Or don’t and play a backyard game with your family. Set up a corn-hole tournament and get people together. Or get some friends together and DM a game for the first time. Quit putting it off. Just do it and have fun! Recently, I have been making it a point to hangout more with people who are important to me. Because, if I can be cliche, life is short. Go out and have fun with the people you care about. Make new friends. Create new memories! What are you waiting for?

Donoran, OUT!

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